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We Have Lift Off

We Have Lift Off So this is where it starts to get really exciting, and fun. With the ground work of Money Making 101 in full effect, Money Making 201 can be started and more importantly maintained through the course of ones life. Had this foundation not been constructed, I would have inevitably increased my spending as […]

The Transition

The Transition Josh’s strategy has been clear from the start – and, with a slight ‘jump’ in Net Worth recently, due to a positive outcome on a trade (a.k.a. bet) and a stake in a pharmaceutical company, he should soon have the capital to do what he wants to do: start a hedge fund of […]

April Spending

April Spending Josh has come up with the honest truth about budgeting:” little purchases add up quick” … print it in B I G letters, frame it and hang it on your wall and you won’t go too far wrong … What can you add? ________________________ So the month of April is over and I […]

Financial Tune Up

Financial Tune Up After Jeff’s ‘quick and dirty‘ post became an intriguing set of discussions around his business / investing aspirations, I hope that you are finding these exercises worthwhile following along with? Even better, if you find an issue raised – or financial situation disclosed – that has some parallel with your life, you […]

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line Josh puts it right: “we are coming to the end of our net worth exploration and have generated a fairly specific map of where we have been financially and will soon be plotting course for the terrain ahead” … well summarized, Josh! 🙂 What’s Josh doing right/wrong? What can you recommend? __________________ […]

Liability Shortage

Liability Shortage I said to the 7MITs that this would be a short post – and, Josh hasn’t failed us 🙂 – as I want to wrap up ‘current finances’ as quickly as possible and start working on bridging the gap between the NOW (i.e. your current Net Worth) and your future (i.e. your Number) […]

The Right Vehicle

The Right Vehicle The vehicle selected for my journey to 9 million in seven years is to start and manage a business, this selection is appropriate for the compounded annual growth rate necessary to achieve 9 million in seven years. The business I plan to start is essantialy a money managing business also know as […]

The Fund

The Fund Josh explores 401k v Roth IRA’s …. I’m not sure of the specifics around these things, but I presume one taxes money out but not going in and the other is the opposite. I wonder if Josh can tell us which one is better? Also, by switching to a self-directed retirement account, Josh can […]

The Driving Machine

The Driving Machine The image is mine … since Josh likes BMW’s nd snowboards, I thought that this image of a BMW with matching snowboard would be appropriate 🙂 From Josh’s comments on Ryan’s post, the BMW ‘fetish’ comes as no surprise 🙂 A caviar taste requires a Greek shipping magnate’s bank balance … let’s […]

Residential Planning

Residential Planning Short and sweet … Josh is still on the ‘there IS such a thing as a free lunch’ gravy train. My parents had to push me out the door when I was 27 😉 Josh asked me if he needed to post, since he was still living the good life … I left […]