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Out of the comfort zone

Photo credit: pencilsoda This last post in the current series signals the return of the 7 Millionaires … In Training ! to its ‘old’ home right here at the NEW, REVAMPED, BIGGER, BETTER, BRIGHTER, ALL-STAIN-REMOVAL: Soon, we move on to the next phase of this ‘grand experiment’ and ask the 7MITs to really examine: […]


Onward! Photo credit: Maggie’s World This is the last of our transition posts! IMHO – where H = humble as well as honest 🙂 – it starts to get VERY exciting / challenging – interspersed with long periods of boredom 😛 – from here … …. so, let’s make this a last-but-best post: Mark knows […]

Automated Budget?

Automated Budget? Photo credit: urbanraven Another great graphic! Thanks, Mark … Unlike those whose MM101 issues are at the fore, Mark has a good income and low cost base so the ‘pressure’ to budget, etc. seems less … but, how important do you really think it is? Any advice for Mark on his spending / […]

MM101 Summary

MM101 Summary Photo credit: janet7r I hope that Mark actually bought some of that ‘prime HK land’ at those bargain Monopoly-comparison prices … it’s kind’a like the McDonald’s Index except that select HK property has probably skyrocketed in value compared to US since Mark was 5?! And, just look at the reason that Mark gives […]

Just Numbers

Just Numbers Mark discovers that living his “Life’s Purpose” too early can have a financial cost … do you see something a little ironic in this? 😛 What advice can you give Mark? __________________ I’ve been tracking my numbers using Quicken for a while. I remember using it a lot more a few years ago […]

Good Debt?

Good Debt? Photo credit: revdancatt Sounds like Mark has embraced the concept of ‘good debt’ pretty quickly; I wonder where he intends to live when he converts his current home to a rental? I am also wondering why he is planning to ‘flip’ it in 2 -3 years for another? ________________________ I must admit, I […]


201K Photo credit: krodinjw Mark’s experience (50% losses in his 401k; 75% losses in his Roth IRA) prove that it’s not the 401k or the Roth IRA that is the problem, it’s what you put IN them that counts … in Mark’s case, he’s prepared to wait 20 to 30 years to cash them out […]

Ultimate Driving Machine

Ultimate Driving Machine Photo credit: wadan I agree with Mark, it appears that 7m7y is the new hangout for BMWphiles (and, the occasional pickup truck owner). My wife thinks like Mark: she went for the ‘green experience’ with a hybrid Lexus SUV … ________________________________ It is apparent that we have a bunch of BMW fans […]

Housing Situation

Housing Situation Photo credit: patchworkpottery It’s only three posts in, and we have already covered a lot of ground on the subject of houses and housing … you should also be able to see that this blog is unusual; it’s like an iceberg: only 10% can be seen ‘above the ground’ (i.e. in the post, […]

Connecting the dots

Connecting the dots Photo credit: turtlemom4bacon Aside from finding the quality of graphics on this site is definitely on the improve 🙂 Mark has provided a great summary of the steps (and the reasons why) of this ‘grand experiment’ for new readers, even before we get to his table. Thanks, Mark! It looks like Mark […]