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By The Numbers…

It seems that the US does stop for 4th July celebrations for about a week or two … go figure! But, just when I was beginning to think that the 7MITs feel that they have enough to go on without our help, Jeff pops up with this interesting post … for all of you with […]

The Transition

The Transition Josh’s strategy has been clear from the start – and, with a slight ‘jump’ in Net Worth recently, due to a positive outcome on a trade (a.k.a. bet) and a stake in a pharmaceutical company, he should soon have the capital to do what he wants to do: start a hedge fund of […]

Just Numbers

Just Numbers Mark discovers that living his “Life’s Purpose” too early can have a financial cost … do you see something a little ironic in this? 😛 What advice can you give Mark? __________________ I’ve been tracking my numbers using Quicken for a while. I remember using it a lot more a few years ago […]

Ryan's "Lee's List"

Well, it didn’t really take very long, but my FIRST sales site is up and running … feel free to visit, and sign up to receive my 2nd eBook for FREE (don’t buy the 1st eBook mentioned in the ‘sales letter’ … it’s also available FREE to all of my readers, here). _______________________________ Ryan also […]

… standing with your back against the wall

… standing with your back against the wall I had thought my “rear deck” speech was ready to go. I had worked on it previously in another stage of this experiment and was happy with what I came up with.. The problem is, my life changed direction in the few weeks time that passed between […]

In Search of Mark's Life Purpose

Photo credit: MumbleyJoe In Search of Mark’s Life Purpose I’ve done similar exercises before like setting SMART goals, creating life mission and vision – but none of them took up a whole month to complete. I’ve never been this serious, taking time to go through the exercises. It was a rewarding experience – I’ve learned […]

Ryan's Life Purpose

Ryan’s Life Purpose Ryan is the first cab off the rank (well done!) by posting about his Life’s Purpose … feel free to weigh in (ask questions; make a comment, or whatnot) … I know that I have a question or two … for example, Ryan: what do you think it will take to live […]