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Did I Tell You I'm Afraid of Heights?

Did I Tell You I’m Afraid of Heights? Isn’t there a song that goes: “you picked a fine time to tell us, Lee ….“? 😛 But, it’s never too late, especially not for Lee … and, I’m sure that there are some great ideas out there … so, let’s get them ‘out there’ and help […]

Where Did All the Money Go?

Where Did All the Money Go? OK Scott is off the hook for not doing this exercise … … but only because he actually already has a pretty strict budgeting system in place: I love the idea of withdrawing a certain set amount from the ATM each week for things like personal spending and entertainment […]

Really Bad Decisions

Really Bad Decisions Who knows? Lee might be racing for bottom rung on the 401k ladder … but, he also knows that his path to wealth lies elsewhere. That, in itself, is a good thing 😉 ________________________ How about hearing the worst first? For 27 of the 40 years I worked in church related ministry, […]