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Featured Finalist – Heidi

Featured Finalist – Heidi Hope Heidi’s New Joisy trip went well! Heidi also happens to have thumped all-bar-one of the field in the traffic-generation department … didn’t you, ‘Heidiroo’ 🙂 And, she did it a number of ways including being very active on the Personal Finance Forums. Here’s Heidi’s post … It’s been a long week […]

Featured Finalist – Josh

Featured Finalist – Josh Josh – or, should I say JOsh as he likes to stylize his name – is the consummate marketer. He will be a success no matter what he does … maybe we can just shorten the cycle slightly for him? Imagine my surprise when I opened up my Google gmail in-box to […]

Featured Finalist – Jason

Featured Finalist – Jason I must admit that Jason took me by surprise … I didn’t see that much traffic generated to his page – but, imagination is more important than results at this stage. Just take a look at the armload of links that Jason has tried to drive traffic with … the blogger’s […]

Elimination #1 – Kelly

Elimination #1 – Kelly  It’s sad … but there can be only 7. And, since Kelly was one of the early applicants this is really elimination number 70-something 🙂 so she shouldn’t feel too bad. Kelly has a’big dream’ … but, one that I think she will fulfill by remaining an active member of the 7m7y community. […]

Riley, it all begins tomorrow!

Riley, it all begins tomorrow! Somebody called ‘Riley’ sent me a note via the Contact Me form on my 7million7years blog that is very timely: I stumbled upon your site today and I’ve enjoyed reading the articles you have written so I was looking at this the Training thing but I’m not sure what reason […]

Featured Finalist – Scott

Featured Finalist – Scott I mentioned before that I first ‘met’ Scott via Networth IQ … he believes in visualization for an abundant life … Me? I have got no idea of the machinations of the Universe … I guess Scott will be able to show me one way or the other 😉 Anyhow, Scott […]

Featured Finalist – Lee

Featured Finalist – Lee There’s actually nothing special about being featured here; Lee was just the first to submit his “first post” that he entitled: A Matter of Training. Although, Lee is special in that he is well outside the expected range of bloggers! But, we’ve already said a few (positive) words about that! Also, […]

Meet Ed!

The best way to become a rich(er) quick(er) is to watch my Live Show this Thursday @ 8pm CST (9pm EST / 6pm PST) at …. ________________ Meet Ed! With a new little one at home it is getting harder and harder to save let along buy gas. I think to many people are focused […]

Meet Jordan!

Meet Jordan! Like the other 30 semi-finalists, Jordan’s stuck with the program through a fairly long preliminary process … but the Main Game is set to begin this Thursday for the Final 15 (to be announced LIVE on AJC Feed @ 8pm CST / 9pm / EST). In fact, I’ve had to extend the selection […]

Congratulations once again to all of tho …

Final 15 to be Announced this Thursday Night … Live! Congratulations once again to all of those who made the Final 30 for our 7 Millionaires … In Training! ‘Grand Experiment’. To get there, they had to jump through a few unusual ‘hoops’ – Complete an interesting application form – Write 100 words, supply a […]