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The Final Step!

The Final Step! Today I sent an e-mail to my Final 15 (if you didn’t get one and are not sure why, send me an e-mail) that said: This is it, the FINAL STEP before I select my 7 Millionaires … In Training!   Congratulations for making it this far … it means that you […]

Featured Finalist – Luis

Featured Finalist – Luis Luis also has his own ‘grand experiment’ – except that I’m absolutely, positive that his will succeed 😛 and it has to do with the Mexican / US border and the various legal (and profitable) activities that can be began there. I’ll leave the details to Luis; here’s his post … […]

Featured Finalist – Andrew

Featured Finalist – Andrew Andrew snuck this post in 2 minutes before the deadline … but, I am no stranger to deadlines … writing this 30 seconds before I am due to ‘go live’ on ! Here’s your better-late-than-never post, Andrew 🙂 …. A few months ago I was taking a break from studying […]

Featured Finalist – Eric

Featured Finalist – Eric Eric is a Family Man who wants to ‘make good’ for the sake of his – and, his family’s – future. As I point out in one of the exercises, you can’t separate the two: keep that in mind even if you are single right now! Here’s Eric’s post … Wow. […]

Elimination #3 – Alex

Elimination #3 – Alex I’m sure that Alex, a hardworking, extremly bright … and sure to be absolutely successful … immigrant to the USA will be surprised to see this. I’m actually surprised to be writing this: after all Alex is one of the ones that I would vote to succeed. And, Alex is the […]

Featured Finalist – Lesley

Featured Finalist – Lesley Lesley has already created her own blog to track her journey … you can also read this post there: Or, you can just read Lesley’s post right here … I’ve been challenged to write a bit about what I’m currently doing to move from being a saver to becoming an investor. To […]

Featured Finalist – Mark

Featured Finalist – Mark Since ‘signing up’ Mark’s been very active – including winning a book on my very first Live Chat show ( ) in what had to be the quickest / easiest competition ever! Givem that Mark aspires to business, the book alone will ensure his journey ends in success … but, […]

Featured Finalist – Debbie

Featured Finalist – Debbie Let’s embarrass Debbie by making sure that everybody checks out her video (you’ll have to read her post for the link) 😉 … just another one of the many novel ways that she found to drive traffic to her page. Debbie was also in the Top 5 of traffic producers. Since Debbie […]

Elimination #2 – Ed

Elimination #2 – Ed Somehow, I’m sure that Ed won’t be too surprised at being eliminated (such a nasty word) … he was surprised that he made it this far: “O dang, I didn’t think I made the list, looks like I am way behind the ball now” 🙂 However, I did want to encourage Ed […]

Featured Finalist – Shannan

Featured Finalist – Shannan Shannan provided this great quote as a lead-in to her post: “Whether you think that you can, or that you can’t, you are usually right” – Henry Ford. Shannan certainly can … … in fact, she was one of the ones who really jumped into this project, boots and all. Shannan […]