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You can't get there from here …

Photo credit: Duckscrossing You can’t get there from here … No, Lee, Ryan didn’t go AWOL … just slipped into the ‘think tank’ for a little longer than expected 😉 Ryan explains what this means in his opening, but with this photo, I was as keen as you to find out! He knows that he […]

Climb Ev'ry Mountain

Climb Ev’ry Mountain Diane’s post shows the enormity of the task ahead; it’s great to say $x million in y years … it’s quite another thing to DO IT. 1,000 unit may BE a business, but Diane will need to think about income to fuel their purchase and maintenance (which may be where another business […]

How will I climb this mountain?

Lee has charted his path to financial success; of all of the things that he mentions, it’s the magazine that I feel MAY (if Lee can broaden the scope – widen the reach) have the most potential to deliver his 45% – almost entrepreneurial – required annual compound growth rate. I say ‘almost entrepreneurial’ because […]

The Right Vehicle for the Trip

Choosing the Right Vehicle for the Trip? Scott seems to have his path pretty much mapped out; of course, combining business interests with investing is no ‘walk in the park’, as we’ll see later … but, I think Scott’s got a good chance of getting there: what do you think? ________________________ So you’ve figured out […]

Plotting the course

Plotting the course Photo credit: nicora I love Mark’s “3 Years To [Insert investment activity of choice: Real-Estate; Stock Investing; Small Business; Online Business; etc.] success …” concept. I recommend that he trademarks it and – at an absolute minimum – registers some domain names now … such domain registrations to last at least 3 […]

Getting Out The Climbing Gear

Getting Out The Climbing Gear Josh has one of the highest required annual compound growth rates, which indicates that he needs to take an ‘entrepreneurial path’; as you will see, though, his heart is in the stock market (with some business interests, as a clever way of raising cash) … I see Josh’s slogan: “the […]

Ain't No Mountain High Enough.. To Keep Me From Getting to You (My Number)

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough… To Keep Me From Getting to You (My Number) Debbie has told you in previous posts how difficult it was for her to come to grips with both her Life’s Purpose and her Number/Date; yet, she will be the first to tell you how important this has all been! Given […]

It's My List, I Can Change It If I Want To …

It’s My List, I Can Change It If I Want To … Months have gone by and I’ve learned far more that I ever thought I had the ability to. I’ve used the dictionary and thesaurus more than I ever did during my educational adventures that got me to where I am today. (Spell check […]

Don't break Harry's Code …

Don’t break Harry’s Code … The 7MITs have a ‘code’ – not Harry’s Code that Dexter has to live by (as he carefully slices and dices not-so-innocent people in the darkly popular Showtime series of the same name), but Adrian’s 7 Golden Rules … … these rules are in place to ensure this site’s integrity […]

How high is your mountain?

Sorry, no LIVE Chat tonight … back, at the usual time next week! ______________________________ How high is your mountain? Lee gently reminded me that I have used a similar post title before; and I have! That’s because, this is the second time that the 7 Millionaires … In Training! (and, hopefully, you) have taken a […]