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House or Home?

House or Home? It’s probably not appropriate for us to make any ‘confessional’ jokes … but, we appreciate the candor, Lee. You’ll need to also look at Lee’s NWiQ profile to calculate the 20% Equity Rule for yourselves, and take a chance that Lee’s $71k a year income is before or after tax (?) in […]

Residential Planning

Residential Planning Short and sweet … Josh is still on the ‘there IS such a thing as a free lunch’ gravy train. My parents had to push me out the door when I was 27 😉 Josh asked me if he needed to post, since he was still living the good life … I left […]

Housing Situation

Housing Situation Photo credit: patchworkpottery It’s only three posts in, and we have already covered a lot of ground on the subject of houses and housing … you should also be able to see that this blog is unusual; it’s like an iceberg: only 10% can be seen ‘above the ground’ (i.e. in the post, […]

Straight To The Point

Straight To The Point… No pictures of jets, Jeff? Straight down to business? So, THAT’S how it’s gonna be is it … ? 🙂 In the post, Jeff is flaunting his violations of both Rules, what are we gonna do about it??! Seriously, Jeff has a plan and a strategy and I would be interested […]

Home Sweet Home

Photo credit: loanswithrob.comt Home Sweet Home I have to admit that I admire those who jump in early … writing these posts is no exception: by posting first, Scott – and now Ryan – are taking a chance. But, taking chances is what life is all about: jump in and see if the water’s fine […]

Primarily About the Primary

Primarily About the Primary Scott and I ‘worked’ on this house very early on in the piece, so I kind of feel ‘at home’ just reading this post 🙂 If you haven’t already done so, you should check out the photos, as Scott suggests, over at our Community Site … ______________________ In the next exercise, […]

Is your home your castle or your dungeon?

Is your home your castle or your dungeon? What a fantastic finish to 2008! I hope that all of our readers – following the ‘live out loud’ examples of our 7 Millionaires … In Training! – now have a great idea of how much money they need, by when, and roughly what ‘tools’ will be […]

Tail End Charlie

Tail End Charlie Besides learning a lot about military aviation – a subject that unashamedly excites me – Jeff is always fun to read; clear, concise and informative … that’s not a recomendation, just an acknowledgement 🙂 The ‘obvious’ seems to be: start a flying school … but, Jeff – and, you – may have […]

The Game Plan

The Game Plan Sounds like Josh’s future is pretty much set: stocks, stocks, and more stocks … I see the next generation of hedge fund managers right here. Just to fill you in on the profit potential, a friend ‘in the business’ recently related the story of his self-made hedge-fund-manager friend who told his 8 […]

Connecting the dots

Connecting the dots Photo credit: turtlemom4bacon Aside from finding the quality of graphics on this site is definitely on the improve 🙂 Mark has provided a great summary of the steps (and the reasons why) of this ‘grand experiment’ for new readers, even before we get to his table. Thanks, Mark! It looks like Mark […]