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Learning Curve

Learning Curve Lee is representing the typical check-by-check living style that afflicts most of Middle America … the sad thing is that there is a growing percentage of the population that would be jealous, and I fear that with the job losses etc. associated with the current downturn, this is a growing portion of current […]

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line Josh puts it right: “we are coming to the end of our net worth exploration and have generated a fairly specific map of where we have been financially and will soon be plotting course for the terrain ahead” … well summarized, Josh! πŸ™‚ What’s Josh doing right/wrong? What can you recommend? __________________ […]

7 Millionaire In-Training! Review

7 Millionaire In-Training! Review The diagram is mine, but the healthy financial ‘picture’ is all Scott’s … the poster child of the high-income earner / high-saver. Let’s hope that he also knows how to also have fun, but I guess a hobby farm with horses has got to provide a fair chunk of happiness?! Scott […]

Going For Launch …

Going For Launch … I would like to open one of the most important discussions that we will have on this site; it starts by summarizing from your Networth IQ profile (you do have one, don’t you?!) the following numbers: i) Income Statement (actually, this isn’t even in the NWiQ!): – Your current AFTER TAX […]

Debt Free!

Photo credit: Debt Free! (except the over half a million dollar mortgage!) Ryan, Dave Ramsey would NOT be happy … he would want you to pay that l’il ol’ mortgage off. But, what do you want to do? What do our readers think you SHOULD do? I would also like to know more about […]

Good Debt?

Good Debt? Photo credit: revdancatt Sounds like Mark has embraced the concept of ‘good debt’ pretty quickly; I wonder where he intends to live when he converts his current home to a rental? I am also wondering why he is planning to ‘flip’ it in 2 -3 years for another? ________________________ I must admit, I […]


Man Speak Few Words Carry Big Debt. How? … I don’t know, you tell me? πŸ™‚ ______________________ Well let’s see I’ve been around a long timeΒ and I have spent gobs of money, got into too much trouble too many times but finally I’m where I can actually see light at the end of the tunnel.Β  […]

I owe, I owe, So It's Off to Work I Go….

I owe, I owe, So It’s Off to Work I Go…. Another great post title πŸ™‚ It appears that all things Jeff-related are on a sky-high trajectory; but, when it comes to debt and liabilities is that a good thing: when is ‘good debt’ too much debt? I’m keen to hear your thoughts – as, […]

Liability Shortage

Liability Shortage I said to the 7MITs that this would be a short post – and, Josh hasn’t failed us πŸ™‚ – as I want to wrap up ‘current finances’ as quickly as possible and start working on bridging the gap between the NOW (i.e. your current Net Worth) and your future (i.e. your Number) […]

Debtor's Prison

Debtor’s Prison I added the picture, but – given the title of this post – I could not resist πŸ™‚ I think that Diane is running the home as a rental, so I’m hoping that the rents will at least cover the costs (now … or, soon), and that the student loans still have time […]