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Dealing with alternative courses of action in your financial plans

Dealing with alternative courses of action in your financial plans For those who asked, Diane is still here with us; she just took a small detour along the Road of Life to reconnect with those important to her … under such a situation, personal finances can wait a tad 🙂 But, Diane is weighing up […]

MM101 Summary

MM101 Summary Photo credit: janet7r I hope that Mark actually bought some of that ‘prime HK land’ at those bargain Monopoly-comparison prices … it’s kind’a like the McDonald’s Index except that select HK property has probably skyrocketed in value compared to US since Mark was 5?! And, just look at the reason that Mark gives […]

Things Are About to Change

What does a farmer do when his crop has died? He doesn’t roll over … he does whatever he can to get by … then: plants more seeds! This post is interesting, as Lee talks about increasing income as a Making Money 101 exercise … can you offer any advice? _________________ Looking over my present […]

Financial Tune Up

Financial Tune Up After Jeff’s ‘quick and dirty‘ post became an intriguing set of discussions around his business / investing aspirations, I hope that you are finding these exercises worthwhile following along with? Even better, if you find an issue raised – or financial situation disclosed – that has some parallel with your life, you […]

Quick and Dirty

Quick and Dirty… I couldn’t resist adding the photo … But, a short post can be a sweet post, if it tells you what you need to know. So, did it? What else can Jeff tell us and what can you tell (well, suggest to) him? _____________________ I feel bad even calling this a “post.”  […]

Wrapping up MM101

Wrapping up MM101 [Graphic added by AJC] I’m interested in hearing what other readers have to say about Ryan’s “upside down mortgage” … after all, that’s what we’re here for: new perspectives on age-old problems! Other than that, sounds like Ryan’s pretty happy with where he’s sitting … what do you think? _________________ In wrapping […]

The Recap!

The Recap! I think if there’s one of our 7 Millionaires … In Training! who’s course seems to already be set, it’s Scott … the only question that I would have will be answered in the next part of our journey – stay tuned! In the meantime, what questions / advice do YOU have? _____________________________ […]

Making Money 101?

Making Money 101? Of course, what we’ve been doing over the last few weeks is quietly reviewing the ‘financial picture’ for each of our 7MITs … I hope that you have taken the opportunity to do the same? Perhaps your financial picture overlaps in part with one or more of the 7 Millionaires … In […]

Income Statement

Take note of Ryan’s list of 5 things that he has learned from this ‘grand experiment’ so far … they are all important observations. Ryan may be surprised to learn that I am equally risk-averse and DO advocate a safety net … As Ryan asks, what advice can you give to Ryan? I’m sure that […]

Just Numbers

Just Numbers Mark discovers that living his “Life’s Purpose” too early can have a financial cost … do you see something a little ironic in this? 😛 What advice can you give Mark? __________________ I’ve been tracking my numbers using Quicken for a while. I remember using it a lot more a few years ago […]