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The Transition

The Transition Josh’s strategy has been clear from the start – and, with a slight ‘jump’ in Net Worth recently, due to a positive outcome on a trade (a.k.a. bet) and a stake in a pharmaceutical company, he should soon have the capital to do what he wants to do: start a hedge fund of […]

In Review

In Review If Scott achieves the same compound growth rate over just the next 12 months that he says that he has achieved over the past four years, he’ll reach his Number in less than a year and be almost twice as rich as Warren Buffett in just 4 more years! That’s the power of […]

The Next Step

Photo credit: It’s always tough – but, good – to be first out of the gate (I imagine that’s a horse-racing term) … and, Ryan’s certainly taken the leap. Love the image, Ryan! One of the things that we’ll be exploring with Ryan as we go along is how best to commercialize his ‘new […]

Making Money 201?

Making Money 201? I now realize that I was a little premature running the photo of the space shuttle actually launching off the pad; where we’ve really been until now is back at the Launch Control Center making sure that we are all prepared for the flight: suits [check]; oxygen [check]; flight training [check]; flight […]

My Recovery

My Recovery… Congratulations to Jeff, a recovering budgetaholic … he had an unusual spending month, which happens when you are trying to budget: Life gets in the way! What advice can you give Jeff, other than telling him that MY wife had to cooperate for the one month that we did this exercise … and, […]

Automated Budget?

Automated Budget? Photo credit: urbanraven Another great graphic! Thanks, Mark … Unlike those whose MM101 issues are at the fore, Mark has a good income and low cost base so the ‘pressure’ to budget, etc. seems less … but, how important do you really think it is? Any advice for Mark on his spending / […]

April come she will

April come she will “There is no debt that spending time with your child is not worth” … beautiful! This one statement summarizes the issue with money: sometimes Life gets in the way! Is that a problem or an opportunity? How do we deal with Life when it does get in the way of our […]

April Spending

April Spending Josh has come up with the honest truth about budgeting:” little purchases add up quick” … print it in B I G letters, frame it and hang it on your wall and you won’t go too far wrong … What can you add? ________________________ So the month of April is over and I […]

On a Budget? No Problem!

Photo credit: On a Budget? No Problem! For a moment I thought this was Jeff’s post … after all, he’s the pilot, right? 😛 But, no, this is Ryan’s post and he chose the image … I like Ryan’s ‘electronic envelope system’ for budgeting expenses throughout the month. Would a cash budget be more […]

Where Did All the Money Go?

Where Did All the Money Go? OK Scott is off the hook for not doing this exercise … … but only because he actually already has a pretty strict budgeting system in place: I love the idea of withdrawing a certain set amount from the ATM each week for things like personal spending and entertainment […]