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Putting The Plan Together!

Open 1 clinic, 2 clinics, or 3+ clinics? What would YOU do? These are non-trivial questions: make the wrong move and you can defeat any chance that you had to reach your Number.  So, how NOT to leave this critical decision to chance? Well, Scott ‘benefited’ from his turn ‘under the spotlight‘ so, we already […]

By The Numbers…

It seems that the US does stop for 4th July celebrations for about a week or two … go figure! But, just when I was beginning to think that the 7MITs feel that they have enough to go on without our help, Jeff pops up with this interesting post … for all of you with […]

Will it do the job?

As we head into the July 4th holiday weekend it’s an opportune time [AJC: did you think I was just going to let you sit on your deck watching the fireworks when there’s serious millionaire-making to be done?! 😉 ] to consider your journey: assessing whether the ad that you have placed on Craigs List […]