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The 'No Budget Budget'

The ‘No Budget Budget’ Note: You need to be a Premium Member to view this content: Stay tuned … 🙂

Making Money 101?

Making Money 101? Of course, what we’ve been doing over the last few weeks is quietly reviewing the ‘financial picture’ for each of our 7MITs … I hope that you have taken the opportunity to do the same? Perhaps your financial picture overlaps in part with one or more of the 7 Millionaires … In […]

Going For Launch …

Going For Launch … I would like to open one of the most important discussions that we will have on this site; it starts by summarizing from your Networth IQ profile (you do have one, don’t you?!) the following numbers: i) Income Statement (actually, this isn’t even in the NWiQ!): – Your current AFTER TAX […]

I'm the liability ….

Are you an optimist or a pessimist (I’m already on record on this subject)? It might depend upon how well your assets outweigh your liabilities … … this diagram shows quite nicely how the cash flows – out! – for each liability …. does that mean that a liability = bad? Not necessarily, it depends […]

My Chevy's got a 401k block …

My Chevy’s got a 401k block … I couldn’t think of a way to both wrap up the previous week’s set of posts on cars and begin this week’s series on retirement savings, hence the ‘punny’ title! 🙂 And, it wouldn’t be fair for me to lecture the 7MITs on their cars if I didn’t […]

Your car … freedom on wheels?

If your house is your biggest purchase, then your next biggest purchase is likely to be your car … … but, you aren’t most people! I assure you – that through the course of this experiment, if you choose to participate actively along with our 7MITs – you will make MUCH bigger purchases by way […]

Is your home your castle or your dungeon?

Is your home your castle or your dungeon? What a fantastic finish to 2008! I hope that all of our readers – following the ‘live out loud’ examples of our 7 Millionaires … In Training! – now have a great idea of how much money they need, by when, and roughly what ‘tools’ will be […]

Gone Fishing!

Sorry, AJC is traveling, so no LIVE Chat and no posts until Jan 5th 2009 … have a happy and safe Xmas/Chanukah/Kwanzaa and New Year!

AJC Feed: Thursday @ 8pm CST (9pm EST / 6pm PST)!!

AJC @ 7million7years live THURSDAY @ 8pm CST (9pm EST / 6pm PST) Josh # 2 Asks: Hey, my name is Josh and I am 24 years old and I am a huge personal finance junkie. I really enjoy reading your site so far. I was particularly intrigued about your post about renting vs buying real […]

A 'secret' book project …

A ‘secret’ book project … When I launched this site – and, found the 6 Millionaires … In Training! – I made sure that everybody who applied knew that I had a book or two in the off’ing … The work we are doing here will the subject of at least two books: one now, […]