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April come she will

April come she will “There is no debt that spending time with your child is not worth” … beautiful! This one statement summarizes the issue with money: sometimes Life gets in the way! Is that a problem or an opportunity? How do we deal with Life when it does get in the way of our […]

Dealing with alternative courses of action in your financial plans

Dealing with alternative courses of action in your financial plans For those who asked, Diane is still here with us; she just took a small detour along the Road of Life to reconnect with those important to her … under such a situation, personal finances can wait a tad ๐Ÿ™‚ But, Diane is weighing up […]

Debtor's Prison

Debtor’s Prison I added the picture, but – given the title of this post – I could not resist ๐Ÿ™‚ I think that Diane is running the home as a rental, so I’m hoping that the rents will at least cover the costs (now … or, soon), and that the student loans still have time […]

Between you and me and the fence post…

From what I can gather, Diane has made some good decisions (e.g. pay cash for a car instead of a loan); get an MBA … but, hasn’t really been able to financially ‘cash in’ on it, and is now either looking for work – or, ‘semi retired’ – and currently drawing down from her retirement […]

Diane's Odyssey

Diane’s Odyssey I like the pun, Diane! It looks like Diane’s major decisions will be the financial ones (how much to pay. where to get the money from) for her NEXT vehicle … _______________ So Adrian says, “Tell me about your car” and I go, “So, what ya wanna know?” What I drive:ย  2000 Honda […]

Cash Flow Leak?

I think I’ve left the best to last (no offense to the other MITs) … Diane says that she is in a ‘rent free’ situation … but, there’s no such thing as a ‘free lunch’ from purely financial perspective … and, even though this post is primarily about housing I am also interested in exploring […]

EAS-y Do

EAS-y Do I understand the first line of Diane’s post, but I am intrigued by the title (not the mention, the XXXXXXX’s) … Diane laid out her table for her earn/spend/ability/do really neatly … it’s easy to see where the commonalities lie (e.g. writing) … I hope that this helps you, and in return you […]

Once You're a Pickle

Once You’re a Pickle Diane is embarking on some Making Money 201 activities (part-time teaching; real-estate investment ) and so on … full points for trying! We had quite a few discussions off-line (actually by e-mail, so I guess that’s really ‘on-line’) about RE attorneys, accountants, structures and the like … maybe, we can ask […]

Climb Ev'ry Mountain

Climb Ev’ry Mountain Diane’s post shows the enormity of the task ahead; it’s great to say $x million in y years … it’s quite another thing to DO IT. 1,000 unit may BE a business, but Diane will need to think about income to fuel their purchase and maintenance (which may be where another business […]

What's Going On

What’s Going On Diane told us all about her revised Number in this comment to my recent post: I worked my number up again last night. If I am getting this part of the exercise, it is to make us take a hard look at our โ€œwantaโ€ haves and look at see what we will […]