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Asking For Help

One of the tools I am going to use to get to my number is the start up of a business. (I’ll also create an exit strategy).  Actually I’m interested in a greeting card business and I want to operate it on two levels (1). A face to face operation with clients who want my product […]

Did I Tell You I'm Afraid of Heights?

Did I Tell You I’m Afraid of Heights? Isn’t there a song that goes: “you picked a fine time to tell us, Lee ….“? 😛 But, it’s never too late, especially not for Lee … and, I’m sure that there are some great ideas out there … so, let’s get them ‘out there’ and help […]

"Let the Records Reflect"

“Let the Records Reflect” It’s probably no great surprise – given his slightly more advanced age – that Lee found that fully HALF his spending (assuming that April was a typical month) is on the two great American excesses: drugs (of the legal kind) and food (eating out) … now, I’m really curious as to […]

Things Are About to Change

What does a farmer do when his crop has died? He doesn’t roll over … he does whatever he can to get by … then: plants more seeds! This post is interesting, as Lee talks about increasing income as a Making Money 101 exercise … can you offer any advice? _________________ Looking over my present […]

Learning Curve

Learning Curve Lee is representing the typical check-by-check living style that afflicts most of Middle America … the sad thing is that there is a growing percentage of the population that would be jealous, and I fear that with the job losses etc. associated with the current downturn, this is a growing portion of current […]


Man Speak Few Words Carry Big Debt. How? … I don’t know, you tell me? 🙂 ______________________ Well let’s see I’ve been around a long time and I have spent gobs of money, got into too much trouble too many times but finally I’m where I can actually see light at the end of the tunnel.  […]

Really Bad Decisions

Really Bad Decisions Who knows? Lee might be racing for bottom rung on the 401k ladder … but, he also knows that his path to wealth lies elsewhere. That, in itself, is a good thing 😉 ________________________ How about hearing the worst first? For 27 of the 40 years I worked in church related ministry, […]

You Have Got to Be Kidding!

You Have Got to Be Kidding! Speaking of ‘shooting’: every time I read a post from this guy, I’m glad that he decided to shoot for – and hit! – a spot in the Final 7 … I only have one question (for now): how does a dirty ol’ pickup truck haul ITSELF off to […]

House or Home?

House or Home? It’s probably not appropriate for us to make any ‘confessional’ jokes … but, we appreciate the candor, Lee. You’ll need to also look at Lee’s NWiQ profile to calculate the 20% Equity Rule for yourselves, and take a chance that Lee’s $71k a year income is before or after tax (?) in […]

My Growth Engine(s)

My Growth Engine(s) Lee’s post is crisp and clear … let’s see if we can give him any ideas/encouragement to help him along the way, in much the same way as he has (no doubt) helped others over the years in his role as preacher and chaplain … _________________________________ Rather than showing you a chart […]