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“… unlike anything you’ve ever seen, heard, or read before. I personally guarantee it!” This Genuine Multi–Millionaire Wants To Teach You How To Build Real Wealth! . “The content revealed is truly gold dust!” — Dan, UK .. From the desk of Adrian J Cartwood Dear Millionaire … In Training! I’m Finally Ready To Share […]

Playing in the sandpit …

This is one of our last structured exercises … … soon, our paths to our Number will begin to diverge and we won’t be able to neatly keep every one of the 7 Millionaires … In Training! – and, our readers – on exactly the same path. Right now, though, we have one of the […]

Out of the comfort zone

Photo credit: pencilsoda This last post in the current series signals the return of the 7 Millionaires … In Training ! to its ‘old’ home right here at the NEW, REVAMPED, BIGGER, BETTER, BRIGHTER, ALL-STAIN-REMOVAL: Soon, we move on to the next phase of this ‘grand experiment’ and ask the 7MITs to really examine: […]

Asking For Help

One of the tools I am going to use to get to my number is the start up of a business. (I’ll also create an exit strategy).  Actually I’m interested in a greeting card business and I want to operate it on two levels (1). A face to face operation with clients who want my product […]

The Exciting Adventure Ahead

The Exciting Adventure Ahead Now is the time to get the engines going and steer in the right direction toward our Number by our Date.  Taking a look back at my notes and goals reveals that we’ll need a bit over 4 million by 2018 to live our life’s purpose and according to our required […]

In Review

In Review If Scott achieves the same compound growth rate over just the next 12 months that he says that he has achieved over the past four years, he’ll reach his Number in less than a year and be almost twice as rich as Warren Buffett in just 4 more years! That’s the power of […]

Just Numbers

Just Numbers Mark discovers that living his “Life’s Purpose” too early can have a financial cost … do you see something a little ironic in this? 😛 What advice can you give Mark? __________________ I’ve been tracking my numbers using Quicken for a while. I remember using it a lot more a few years ago […]

Good Debt?

Good Debt? Photo credit: revdancatt Sounds like Mark has embraced the concept of ‘good debt’ pretty quickly; I wonder where he intends to live when he converts his current home to a rental? I am also wondering why he is planning to ‘flip’ it in 2 -3 years for another? ________________________ I must admit, I […]

The True Liability – Not Reaching Your Number!

The True Liability – Not Reaching Your Number! 27 1/2 years left on a fixed rate 2.85% (student) loan … sweeeeet [AJC: queue Homer Simpson drooling] … It seems that Scott is the poster-child for ‘big debt boy made good’ … what do you think? __________________ In this next exercise, our main topic is to […]

401K? No way!

401K? No way! First cab off the rank – Scott – weighs in with a barrage of reasons why he does NOT have a 401k, or the ‘doctor equivalent’ thereof … … I can’t judge Scott badly because: a) He has a strong saving ethic and a positive and – apparently – rapidly improving net […]