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Simple Moving Average

How to find the ‘simple moving average’: Step 1: CLICK on http://investing.money.msn.com/investments/etf-charts/?symbol=SPY Step 2: Select the INDICATORS tab Step 3: Check the SMA box Step 4: Enter 30 (for 30 days) Step 5: Select DRAW   [Click on diagram to enlarge]  

Putting The Plan Together!

Open 1 clinic, 2 clinics, or 3+ clinics? What would YOU do? These are non-trivial questions: make the wrong move and you can defeat any chance that you had to reach your Number.  So, how NOT to leave this critical decision to chance? Well, Scott ‘benefited’ from his turn ‘under the spotlight‘ so, we already […]

The Right Vehicle

The Right Vehicle The vehicle selected for my journey to 9 million in seven years is to start and manage a business, this selection is appropriate for the compounded annual growth rate necessary to achieve 9 million in seven years. The business I plan to start is essantialy a money managing business also know as […]

You Have Got to Be Kidding!

You Have Got to Be Kidding! Speaking of ‘shooting’: every time I read a post from this guy, I’m glad that he decided to shoot for – and hit! – a spot in the Final 7 … I only have one question (for now): how does a dirty ol’ pickup truck haul ITSELF off to […]

AJC Feed: Thursday @ 8pm CST (9pm EST / 6pm PST)!!

AJC @ 7million7years live THURSDAY @ 8pm CST (9pm EST / 6pm PST) Josh # 2 Asks: Hey, my name is Josh and I am 24 years old and I am a huge personal finance junkie. I really enjoy reading your site so far. I was particularly intrigued about your post about renting vs buying real […]

Josh's First Post

Josh’s First Post Hi, my name is Josh and I’m looking forward to sharing my journey to an early retirement with you. In order to finish this journey, I would need to have $20,000,000 in equity, with the ability to cash out and move onto the final lesson of “Money Making 301” (check out 7million7years.com […]

The Golden Key …

The Golden Key … That’s it … I am handing over the “keys to the Chocolate Factory” to the 7 Millionaires … In Training! From now on you will start to see posts from all 8 of us … chronically our … well, their journey (with my – and YOUR – guidance) towards their own […]

Meet the 7 Millionaires … In Training!

Meet the 7 Millionaires … In Training! On April 28th, 2008 – just a few short months ago – I announced a crazy concept: I wanted to ‘prove’ that the millionaire-making methods that I talk about on my blog How to make $7 million in 7 years are real and work … … in fact, […]

My First eBook ….

My First eBook … I’m about to find out if you can make money online! FREE eBOOK (well. free to readers …. come on over and see my new blog to see what all the fuss is about)! ________________________________________________________

We'll be right back …

We’ll be right back … …it looks like nobody is pulling out so the ‘judges’ are going over all the entries one more time … stand by to have the Final 7 Millionaires … In Training! announced LIVE on Thursday @ 8pm CST (9pm EST / 6pm CST)! Tune your browsers to http://ajcfeed.com and see […]