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The 'No Budget Budget'

The ‘No Budget Budget’ Note: You need to be a Premium Member to view this content: Stay tuned … 🙂

I'm the liability ….

Are you an optimist or a pessimist (I’m already on record on this subject)? It might depend upon how well your assets outweigh your liabilities … … this diagram shows quite nicely how the cash flows – out! – for each liability …. does that mean that a liability = bad? Not necessarily, it depends […]

Your car … freedom on wheels?

If your house is your biggest purchase, then your next biggest purchase is likely to be your car … … but, you aren’t most people! I assure you – that through the course of this experiment, if you choose to participate actively along with our 7MITs – you will make MUCH bigger purchases by way […]

Is your home your castle or your dungeon?

Is your home your castle or your dungeon? What a fantastic finish to 2008! I hope that all of our readers – following the ‘live out loud’ examples of our 7 Millionaires … In Training! – now have a great idea of how much money they need, by when, and roughly what ‘tools’ will be […]

Knowing What IS

Knowing What IS  “It depends on your definition of the word, “is.” As a student of the English language, I had to agree with that statement.  As a student of change management, I heard it again.  We cannot change what “IS” until we know what that is.  None of us is starting this 7 year […]

Meet Scott!

Meet Scott! Scott and I ‘met’ on Networth IQ quite some time ago … he sent me an e-mail regarding some topic of discussion at that time on my blog or on NWiQ and I shared my concept – in order to get some feedback – to ‘give back’ more directly than I could in […]