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The Exciting Adventure Ahead

The Exciting Adventure Ahead Now is the time to get the engines going and steer in the right direction toward our Number by our Date.  Taking a look back at my notes and goals reveals that we’ll need a bit over 4 million by 2018 to live our life’s purpose and according to our required […]

The Transition

The Transition Josh’s strategy has been clear from the start – and, with a slight ‘jump’ in Net Worth recently, due to a positive outcome on a trade (a.k.a. bet) and a stake in a pharmaceutical company, he should soon have the capital to do what he wants to do: start a hedge fund of […]

Where Did All the Money Go?

Where Did All the Money Go? OK Scott is off the hook for not doing this exercise … … but only because he actually already has a pretty strict budgeting system in place: I love the idea of withdrawing a certain set amount from the ATM each week for things like personal spending and entertainment […]

Financial Tune Up

Financial Tune Up After Jeff’s ‘quick and dirty‘ post became an intriguing set of discussions around his business / investing aspirations, I hope that you are finding these exercises worthwhile following along with? Even better, if you find an issue raised – or financial situation disclosed – that has some parallel with your life, you […]

The Recap!

The Recap! I think if there’s one of our 7 Millionaires … In Training! who’s course seems to already be set, it’s Scott … the only question that I would have will be answered in the next part of our journey – stay tuned! In the meantime, what questions / advice do YOU have? _____________________________ […]

The Right Vehicle

The Right Vehicle The vehicle selected for my journey to 9 million in seven years is to start and manage a business, this selection is appropriate for the compounded annual growth rate necessary to achieve 9 million in seven years. The business I plan to start is essantialy a money managing business also know as […]

401K? No way!

401K? No way! First cab off the rank – Scott – weighs in with a barrage of reasons why he does NOT have a 401k, or the ‘doctor equivalent’ thereof … … I can’t judge Scott badly because: a) He has a strong saving ethic and a positive and – apparently – rapidly improving net […]

Driving Into Wealth

Driving Into Wealth Scott and [BMW steering wheel] leather go together like birds of a feather … … so, I knew that he would be the first in on this post (and it would be full of all the right ‘brands’) 🙂 Sounds like Scott’s on to a good deal with his employer’s largess, right?! […]

Your car … freedom on wheels?

If your house is your biggest purchase, then your next biggest purchase is likely to be your car … … but, you aren’t most people! I assure you – that through the course of this experiment, if you choose to participate actively along with our 7MITs – you will make MUCH bigger purchases by way […]

Primarily About the Primary

Primarily About the Primary Scott and I ‘worked’ on this house very early on in the piece, so I kind of feel ‘at home’ just reading this post 🙂 If you haven’t already done so, you should check out the photos, as Scott suggests, over at our Community Site … ______________________ In the next exercise, […]