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The Exciting Adventure Ahead

The Exciting Adventure Ahead Now is the time to get the engines going and steer in the right direction toward our Number by our Date.  Taking a look back at my notes and goals reveals that we’ll need a bit over 4 million by 2018 to live our life’s purpose and according to our required […]

In Review

In Review If Scott achieves the same compound growth rate over just the next 12 months that he says that he has achieved over the past four years, he’ll reach his Number in less than a year and be almost twice as rich as Warren Buffett in just 4 more years! That’s the power of […]

The Next Step

Photo credit: It’s always tough – but, good – to be first out of the gate (I imagine that’s a horse-racing term) … and, Ryan’s certainly taken the leap. Love the image, Ryan! One of the things that we’ll be exploring with Ryan as we go along is how best to commercialize his ‘new […]

All Aboard!

All Aboard! Well, I guess it seems my bags are packed, I’ve got my map together, my trusty compass. I have my destination in sight and have pretty well chosen my means of travel. I even have a pretty accurate arrival time! What next before departure? I guess it would help to know where I […]

The Right Vehicle for the Trip

Choosing the Right Vehicle for the Trip? Scott seems to have his path pretty much mapped out; of course, combining business interests with investing is no ‘walk in the park’, as we’ll see later … but, I think Scott’s got a good chance of getting there: what do you think? ________________________ So you’ve figured out […]

The Revision of The Number…

The Revision of The Number… Scott has found the intersection between his Life’s Purpose and the Real World: it’s called his Number and he has just realized that his dream needs to be modified slightly to avoid it becoming a nightmare … Well folks, i’ve gone over it and over it time and again and […]

Scott's Life Purpose

Scott’s Life Purpose Scott has been with us since before Day 1 (I think that I mentioned that we ‘met’ via a question that he sent me on NetWorth IQ?); I think you will enjoy reading this post as much as I did. However, Scott, same question as for Ryan: what do you think it […]