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Where Did All the Money Go?

Where Did All the Money Go? OK Scott is off the hook for not doing this exercise … … but only because he actually already has a pretty strict budgeting system in place: I love the idea of withdrawing a certain set amount from the ATM each week for things like personal spending and entertainment […]

The Game Plan

The Game Plan Sounds like Josh’s future is pretty much set: stocks, stocks, and more stocks … I see the next generation of hedge fund managers right here. Just to fill you in on the profit potential, a friend ‘in the business’ recently related the story of his self-made hedge-fund-manager friend who told his 8 […]

Fickle and in a Pickle

Fickle and in a Pickle Scott and I seem to share a love of ‘collecting’ hobbies … mine included (over the years): go kart (then car) racing; fly fishing; war gaming; CB radio; motorcycling; poker; and the list goes on … and on … I suspect that the challenge for Scott – as it was […]