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By The Numbers…

It seems that the US does stop for 4th July celebrations for about a week or two … go figure! But, just when I was beginning to think that the 7MITs feel that they have enough to go on without our help, Jeff pops up with this interesting post … for all of you with […]

Can You Find Your Number on Craigslist?

Can You Find Your Number on Craigslist? As I prepare for my entry in to MM201, I’m finding that my game plan is changing.  My original play book was aimed at achieving an annual compound growth rate of 38%.  However, in my previous post, I noted that recent increases in my net worth have reduced […]

Leaving the comfort zone…

Leaving the comfort zone… Jeff has made great progress, but he’s still at the stage where adding a single rental foreclosure can increase his Net Worth by 67%; over the next 18 months he will probably need to maintain that growth rate … another $400k in equity over the next 18 months should do it, […]

My Recovery

My Recovery… Congratulations to Jeff, a recovering budgetaholic … he had an unusual spending month, which happens when you are trying to budget: Life gets in the way! What advice can you give Jeff, other than telling him that MY wife had to cooperate for the one month that we did this exercise … and, […]

Quick and Dirty

Quick and Dirty… I couldn’t resist adding the photo … But, a short post can be a sweet post, if it tells you what you need to know. So, did it? What else can Jeff tell us and what can you tell (well, suggest to) him? _____________________ I feel bad even calling this a “post.”  […]

Going Vertical

Going Vertical Jeff’s got a great analogy about Space Shuttle take-offs v Navy Jet Fighters – when was the last time that you actually got to fly one of those things, Jeff? – that tells you a lot about how he thinks! What advice can you give Jeff from your perspective, be it stratospheric, strictly […]

I owe, I owe, So It's Off to Work I Go….

I owe, I owe, So It’s Off to Work I Go…. Another great post title 🙂 It appears that all things Jeff-related are on a sky-high trajectory; but, when it comes to debt and liabilities is that a good thing: when is ‘good debt’ too much debt? I’m keen to hear your thoughts – as, […]

Flying on Auto Pilot

Flying on Auto Pilot… It’s interesting, as Jeff points out, the different views that each of the 7MITs have towards so-called ‘tax-advantaged retirement accounts’ … for example, Jeff views them as ‘investing’ and almost sees his investments in real-estate as ‘distractions’ from his investing strategy … I’m not here to pass judgement on any of […]

Get Your Motor Runnin'…

Get Your Motor Runnin’… Jeff discovered something that I found out by accident fairly early on, and that’s  “I could buy a high-end used European sports car for less then a low-end new econo-box” … I used that little ‘trick’ to buy myself a 10 year old (1972 model … it was 1982 at the […]

Straight To The Point

Straight To The Point… No pictures of jets, Jeff? Straight down to business? So, THAT’S how it’s gonna be is it … ? 🙂 In the post, Jeff is flaunting his violations of both Rules, what are we gonna do about it??! Seriously, Jeff has a plan and a strategy and I would be interested […]