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Debt Free!

Photo credit: Debt Free! (except the over half a million dollar mortgage!) Ryan, Dave Ramsey would NOT be happy … he would want you to pay that l’il ol’ mortgage off. But, what do you want to do? What do our readers think you SHOULD do? I would also like to know more about […]

Good Debt?

Good Debt? Photo credit: revdancatt Sounds like Mark has embraced the concept of ‘good debt’ pretty quickly; I wonder where he intends to live when he converts his current home to a rental? I am also wondering why he is planning to ‘flip’ it in 2 -3 years for another? ________________________ I must admit, I […]

I owe, I owe, So It's Off to Work I Go….

I owe, I owe, So It’s Off to Work I Go…. Another great post title 🙂 It appears that all things Jeff-related are on a sky-high trajectory; but, when it comes to debt and liabilities is that a good thing: when is ‘good debt’ too much debt? I’m keen to hear your thoughts – as, […]

House or Home?

House or Home? It’s probably not appropriate for us to make any ‘confessional’ jokes … but, we appreciate the candor, Lee. You’ll need to also look at Lee’s NWiQ profile to calculate the 20% Equity Rule for yourselves, and take a chance that Lee’s $71k a year income is before or after tax (?) in […]

Housing Situation

Housing Situation Photo credit: patchworkpottery It’s only three posts in, and we have already covered a lot of ground on the subject of houses and housing … you should also be able to see that this blog is unusual; it’s like an iceberg: only 10% can be seen ‘above the ground’ (i.e. in the post, […]

Straight To The Point

Straight To The Point… No pictures of jets, Jeff? Straight down to business? So, THAT’S how it’s gonna be is it … ? 🙂 In the post, Jeff is flaunting his violations of both Rules, what are we gonna do about it??! Seriously, Jeff has a plan and a strategy and I would be interested […]