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Leaving the comfort zone…

Leaving the comfort zone… Jeff has made great progress, but he’s still at the stage where adding a single rental foreclosure can increase his Net Worth by 67%; over the next 18 months he will probably need to maintain that growth rate … another $400k in equity over the next 18 months should do it, […]

The Next Step

Photo credit: It’s always tough – but, good – to be first out of the gate (I imagine that’s a horse-racing term) … and, Ryan’s certainly taken the leap. Love the image, Ryan! One of the things that we’ll be exploring with Ryan as we go along is how best to commercialize his ‘new […]

Going Vertical

Going Vertical Jeff’s got a great analogy about Space Shuttle take-offs v Navy Jet Fighters – when was the last time that you actually got to fly one of those things, Jeff? – that tells you a lot about how he thinks! What advice can you give Jeff from your perspective, be it stratospheric, strictly […]

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line Josh puts it right: “we are coming to the end of our net worth exploration and have generated a fairly specific map of where we have been financially and will soon be plotting course for the terrain ahead” … well summarized, Josh! 🙂 What’s Josh doing right/wrong? What can you recommend? __________________ […]

The Right Vehicle

The Right Vehicle The vehicle selected for my journey to 9 million in seven years is to start and manage a business, this selection is appropriate for the compounded annual growth rate necessary to achieve 9 million in seven years. The business I plan to start is essantialy a money managing business also know as […]

Straight To The Point

Straight To The Point… No pictures of jets, Jeff? Straight down to business? So, THAT’S how it’s gonna be is it … ? 🙂 In the post, Jeff is flaunting his violations of both Rules, what are we gonna do about it??! Seriously, Jeff has a plan and a strategy and I would be interested […]

Home Sweet Home

Photo credit: loanswithrob.comt Home Sweet Home I have to admit that I admire those who jump in early … writing these posts is no exception: by posting first, Scott – and now Ryan – are taking a chance. But, taking chances is what life is all about: jump in and see if the water’s fine […]

AJC and the 6MITs?!

AJC and the 6 MITs?! ………. Snow White and the 6 Dwarfs?! The 6 Deadly Sins?! 6 Days of the week?! 6MITs ??!! It was never going to ‘fly’, was it? After all, this blog IS called 7 Millionaires … In Training! And, look at all the artwork I’d have to change 🙂 So, it […]