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By The Numbers…

It seems that the US does stop for 4th July celebrations for about a week or two … go figure! But, just when I was beginning to think that the 7MITs feel that they have enough to go on without our help, Jeff pops up with this interesting post … for all of you with […]

Can You Find Your Number on Craigslist?

Can You Find Your Number on Craigslist? As I prepare for my entry in to MM201, I’m finding that my game plan is changing.  My original play book was aimed at achieving an annual compound growth rate of 38%.  However, in my previous post, I noted that recent increases in my net worth have reduced […]

Leaving the comfort zone…

Leaving the comfort zone… Jeff has made great progress, but he’s still at the stage where adding a single rental foreclosure can increase his Net Worth by 67%; over the next 18 months he will probably need to maintain that growth rate … another $400k in equity over the next 18 months should do it, […]

I owe, I owe, So It's Off to Work I Go….

I owe, I owe, So It’s Off to Work I Go…. Another great post title 🙂 It appears that all things Jeff-related are on a sky-high trajectory; but, when it comes to debt and liabilities is that a good thing: when is ‘good debt’ too much debt? I’m keen to hear your thoughts – as, […]

Cash Flow Leak?

I think I’ve left the best to last (no offense to the other MITs) … Diane says that she is in a ‘rent free’ situation … but, there’s no such thing as a ‘free lunch’ from purely financial perspective … and, even though this post is primarily about housing I am also interested in exploring […]

Housing Situation

Housing Situation Photo credit: patchworkpottery It’s only three posts in, and we have already covered a lot of ground on the subject of houses and housing … you should also be able to see that this blog is unusual; it’s like an iceberg: only 10% can be seen ‘above the ground’ (i.e. in the post, […]

Straight To The Point

Straight To The Point… No pictures of jets, Jeff? Straight down to business? So, THAT’S how it’s gonna be is it … ? 🙂 In the post, Jeff is flaunting his violations of both Rules, what are we gonna do about it??! Seriously, Jeff has a plan and a strategy and I would be interested […]

Connecting the dots

Connecting the dots Photo credit: turtlemom4bacon Aside from finding the quality of graphics on this site is definitely on the improve 🙂 Mark has provided a great summary of the steps (and the reasons why) of this ‘grand experiment’ for new readers, even before we get to his table. Thanks, Mark! It looks like Mark […]

Clicking My Way Into Making Money 201

Clicking My Way Into Making Money 201 While we wait for the other 6 MITs to follow Diane’s lead, with her excellent post based on my Finding Your Growth Engine exercise, Jeff – our newest Millionaire … in Training! – welcomes us into 2009 with some insight into his own money-making plans … _________________________ Making […]

Start Here

Start Here Photo credit: massdistraction Mark is income ‘rich’ compared to what he needs to spend; now, imagine adding: wife, children, dog, college fund, bigger house (hence, bigger mortgage, bigger land tax), more food, clothes, it’s enough to make you want to stay single …. is that a dream or a financial nightmare? 🙂 Looks […]