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Onward! Photo credit: Maggie’s World This is the last of our transition posts! IMHO – where H = humble as well as honest 🙂 – it starts to get VERY exciting / challenging – interspersed with long periods of boredom 😛 – from here … …. so, let’s make this a last-but-best post: Mark knows […]

Flying on Auto Pilot

Flying on Auto Pilot… It’s interesting, as Jeff points out, the different views that each of the 7MITs have towards so-called ‘tax-advantaged retirement accounts’ … for example, Jeff views them as ‘investing’ and almost sees his investments in real-estate as ‘distractions’ from his investing strategy … I’m not here to pass judgement on any of […]


201K Photo credit: krodinjw Mark’s experience (50% losses in his 401k; 75% losses in his Roth IRA) prove that it’s not the 401k or the Roth IRA that is the problem, it’s what you put IN them that counts … in Mark’s case, he’s prepared to wait 20 to 30 years to cash them out […]

Between you and me and the fence post…

From what I can gather, Diane has made some good decisions (e.g. pay cash for a car instead of a loan); get an MBA … but, hasn’t really been able to financially ‘cash in’ on it, and is now either looking for work – or, ‘semi retired’ – and currently drawing down from her retirement […]

Really Bad Decisions

Really Bad Decisions Who knows? Lee might be racing for bottom rung on the 401k ladder … but, he also knows that his path to wealth lies elsewhere. That, in itself, is a good thing 😉 ________________________ How about hearing the worst first? For 27 of the 40 years I worked in church related ministry, […]

401K? No way!

401K? No way! First cab off the rank – Scott – weighs in with a barrage of reasons why he does NOT have a 401k, or the ‘doctor equivalent’ thereof … … I can’t judge Scott badly because: a) He has a strong saving ethic and a positive and – apparently – rapidly improving net […]

You can't get there from here …

Photo credit: Duckscrossing You can’t get there from here … No, Lee, Ryan didn’t go AWOL … just slipped into the ‘think tank’ for a little longer than expected 😉 Ryan explains what this means in his opening, but with this photo, I was as keen as you to find out! He knows that he […]

In Summary…

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Ryan's "Lee's List"

Well, it didn’t really take very long, but my FIRST sales site is up and running … feel free to visit, and sign up to receive my 2nd eBook for FREE (don’t buy the 1st eBook mentioned in the ‘sales letter’ … it’s also available FREE to all of my readers, here). _______________________________ Ryan also […]

Josh's Life Purpose

Josh’s Life Purpose My life’s purpose was formulated mostly by imagining sitting with my grandchildren and trying to impart some kind of wisdom that would help make their lives as fulfilling as I hope my life will be. So I deducted that my life must be fulfilling if I was going to somehow guide my grandchildren toward the same existence (and […]