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Here are some unsolicited (and genuine) testimonials from current and past members:

I have been reading and re-reading the material on your site. I think the information is invaluable.
Luis, CA

I'm a geek so I really enjoy numbers and rules. Thinking about total net worth and the 5% spending rule / 25% rent rule etc. really helped me learn the rules of money.
James, UK

I love it AJC, I read it 5 times last night!
Monk, NY

KLE 46 was my absolute favourite! I've read dozens of books on stock picking and investment but this KLE has successfully made a complex topic incredibly easy! The content revealed is truly gold dust!
Dan, UK

What stands out for me is that you used several different strategies to build wealth quickly, not just one main one. I think developing different income streams is going to be really important, especially more passive ones.
Jayne, Australia

Wow , this is amazing. I think this is one of the most exciting things I will ever be involved in. I always kinda knew that you must somehow create multiple streams of income if you're going to move forward to wherever it is you wish to be (financially) in life.
Steve, FL

I have learned that all limitations can be overcome, I've learned what's holding me back and got an idea of how to stop this. As well as putting me in the right mind set to make a change and start the journey. It really turns your head around and makes you think outside the box!
Danial, UK

I have discovered more about myself and have been able to pinpoint things of great importance to me. I now have a purpose to strive for; to live life on my terms and achieve personal greatness. I am quite inspired by these exercises. Your method of taking it apart piece by piece has really worked for me.
Kyle, KS

This lesson was the eye opener. I learned that there is no one other than myself to blame for my success or failure, therefore, I should no longer blame someone for not reaching MY goals.
Amaurys, NY

All the lessons have worked well for me and given me valuable insights. My favorite lesson was the one I've just completed regarding the filling in of the spreadsheet. This exercise really made me think about exactly how much I would need and how inflation and tax would affect that target figure in the future. Now that I know my number I feel that I have made great progress and cannot wait to get started on working towards this goal.
Dan, UK

This is what I’ve been looking for, like Kiyosaki will say there’s two kind of problems, having no money and having money – I happen to have the second one!
Benjamin, OH

I wish I had stumbled across your website earlier … I think I have a fairly solid financial intelligence, although I am always on the lookout for learning new information on stocks, and real estate and the like. Do you think its possible to do something like 2 million in 4 years, so that when I graduate I will have enough money to use to make more money with? And if so, how do I start that now?
Alex, IL

I do have lofty goals and I believe I can make them happen but “financially getting there” seems to be a big stumbling block. So, I really enjoyed reading your articles, they were very insightful.
Lisa, CA

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