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Welcome to the $7 Million 7 Year Wealth System Guided Learning Center!

This is where you will be guided through the various modules that make up the $7 Million 7 Year Wealth System, so bookmark this page and come back every day, or every other day at the latest.

Links to new content will be appended to this page, so be sure to scroll right down the page to find the latest entries.


Your complete Guided Learning Experience will be broken down into 4 Key Modules – plus a number of Bonus Modules – including:

Module 1: Your Road Map To Wealth – Find out exactly how much you need in order to finally stop working and start living!

=> Bonus Module: How to Find Your Passion

Module 2: Making Money 101 – How To Control Your Finances

=> Bonus Module: How Much To Spend On A House

=> Bonus Module: The Cash Cascade™ – a totally NEW way to look at debt!

Module 3: Making Money 201 – How to accelerate your income

=> Bonus Module: The ONLY Way To Make Money In The Stock-Market

=> Bonus Module: The Anatomy Of A Real-Estate Deal

=> Bonus Module: Unlocking The Secrets To A Successful Business

Module 4: Making Money 301 – How to protect your wealth

=> Bonus Module: How To Build Your Own Perpetual Money Machine

Depending upon their level of complexity, Modules are broken down into a number of individual Key Learning Experiences (KLE’s), each of which  covers one or more wealth concepts, for example:

– How to set a personal or household ‘No Budget’ budget;

– How to calculate your Number;

– How to adjust your Number for inflation;

– Whether to rent or buy;

… and many, many more!

Your Guided Learning Experience Begins Here …

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