KLE 69: Stop This Train, I Want To Get Off!

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Aside from all the Making Money 101 activities which will stand you in good stead for your whole financial life, so far all we have produced are some amorphous numbers and concepts:

– You (hopefully) found your Life’s Purpose. Something really worth fighting for.

– You used that to find Your Number. Probably large, but not too scary because you have optimism that this course will show you how to get there. Besides, it’s only a number.

– You used that (plus a ‘line in the sand’ Date that you chose) to find your Required Annual Compound Growth rate. Again, just a number … 10%, 20%, 50% … what’s the difference?

But, yesterday’s KLE should have brought all of this home for you; because you most likely:

– Found that you could reach your Number by doing exactly what it is that you had planned to do all along, or

– Found that you need to take on an activity (eg investing in business, real-estate, and/or stocks) that you feel very uncomfortable about doing.

In other words, you now need to take action … and, that action may take you right out of your ‘comfort zone’.

Either way, the $7 Million 7 Year Wealth System has just become very real!

Let’s say that you always saw yourself as a long-term stock buy-and-hold investor, but you now find that you need a 30% Compound Growth Rate to reach your Number by your Date. According to yesterday’s KLE, this means that you need to be investing in franchises and/or actively-traded stocks. Maybe a mix of real-estate investments together with some super-charged stock + option strategies will also do the trick.

The point is, right now, you only feel comfortable with a buy/hold stock investing strategy. That’s fine, but something has to ‘give’ … here’s the first step to help you decide what has to change:

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