KLE 12: Your Rear Deck Speech

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Now, things start to get difficult … but, REALLY important!

In fact, today’s Key Learning Experience is probably both the second-hardest and the second-most-important task in your whole Guided Learning Experience, so give it your all!

Yessiree, today is the day that we get to kick back on our nice big deck behind our house, hands in our braces, chewin’baccy in our mouth, straw hat shading us from the late sun, smoke and the yummy smell of barbequed tofu comin’ from the grill, and talk about …

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Task 1: Take another look at your most important DO WANTS and use those to help you imagine what was so interesting about your (future) life that you thought it was so important to share with your (future) grandchildren

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Name & State (e.g. John, Tx)
"This is all the 'fun stuff' that I bought or did (eg cars, houses, vacations, bodybuilding, talk show circuit, etc.):"
"... but, after all of that, this is what was REALLY important for me:"

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This was good. It allowed me to see from a higher level as if I had already done what I’m setting out to do.