KLE 16: Expanding Your Horizons

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Take a look at this video of the ING-sponsored Georgia marathon: everybody is carrying their ‘Number’ while they run. These are real people, and their Numbers are real.

What do you notice?  I see a few things:

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… it shouldn’t be much of a stretch to realize that typical ways of thinking about The Number are terribly flawed.

Today, I want you to think about that.

Task 1: Use ING’s Retirement Calculator (click here to access), or any other that you may prefer, and ‘play with numbers’ for at least 20 minutes. See if this gives you any reason to doubt or confirm the Number that you came up with in KLE 15.

Task 2: Think about how you might change how you came up with your current Number in order to come up with a better one:

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What is your first name and what state or country do you live in? (eg John, Aus)
What steps (if any) might you take to come up with a better Number??

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I said 8 Million – ING says 4.3 MIllion. What am I missing? Should I be higher on my end? Even with inflation ING REAL number should be maybe 6.3 Mill.