KLE 30: Is the employer match worth it?

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We’ve already seen that an investment in your 401k is an investment that is destined to dramatically under-perform the market, mainly because of the poor investment choices offered.

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Task 1: Does your employer also¬†contribute to¬†your retirement plan? Do you also have some credit card debt? What’s the interest rate on your credit cards?

Task 2: What other areas of opportunity can you see that might reasonably be expected to produce long-term returns in the 11% – 17% range?

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Name and State (eg John, FL)
Does your employer provide a match for your retirement plan contributions?
What is the interest rate on your credit card debt? (if applicable)
How do you think you might earn (or save) 11% to 17% on your money?

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I think ,for those not interested in Investing in a business or owning Property, their best avenue would be to learn all they can about bond investments. They are less risky than stocks, and offer some really outstanding returns ,in comparison to other investments.Returns can be in excess of 15 % per year.

Peer to Peer lending can also produce returns in that range and requires little initial investment.

15% on bonds seems high; are you thinking of trading them? Which bonds?

And don’t forget that the credit card debt payoff looks better since that is a “post-tax” rate.

I don’t see much that will get me a 15% return unless I start a business.

The best Return you can get is in ROP; Return on People. Your boss pays you a percentage of what he makes to your for your time and effort (OPT)It’s all about leverage.