KLE 122: Creating A Financial Safety Net

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By the time you finished the last Module you were, hopefully, well on the way to building a very successful, active [insert: stock, real-estate, business, etc.] asset.

You have been encouraged to undertake quite risky activities in order to maximize your leverage, hence return, from whatever growth engine you chose as the basis for building your Number.

For example, you are not just buying and holding a bunch of mutual funds or even dividend stocks … you are actively looking for undervalued stocks and trying to time your way in/out of the market to accelerate your returns and minimize your risks of being caught in a downturn.

Perhaps, you are buying real-estate and looking for ways to maximize your returns by applying leverage and adding value (e.g. rehabbing, flipping) wherever you can.

Or, you are starting a business with the aim of franchising it, or growing it so large and so quickly that some public company will want to snap you up!

What if you fail?

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You’ll start building yours in the next KLE …


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