Meet Shannan!

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ANNOUNCEMENT: To kick off the final stages of the selection process, AJC is going LIVE!!!

That’s right, starting Thursday, May 29 @ 8pm CST 7million7years is coming to a web-cam near you! All you need to participate is a PC with sound and broadband connection – AJC has the web-cam!!

Click here for more details: be a ton of fun!

Now, for today’s Featured Applicant …

Meet Shannan!

I am a single 27 year old making a home and life 3000 miles from family and my hometown.

I spend most of my time volunteering, serving on the Board of Directors of a children’s charity organization, working full time as a sales manager and with my boyfriend.

I enjoy traveling around the world and experiencing different cultures and lifestyles. I plan to make and use income to have to the freedom to travel, build a family and retire early.

I’m looking forward to the 7M7Y journey and using the tools I gain to create opportunities in my life.


What is 7 Millionaires … In Training! all About?!

Recently, I sent out a Casting Call (you still have time to apply!) for what I call my “Grand Experiment” … a real attempt to create 7 Millionaires in just 7 Years!

My desire is to ‘prove’ that my methods for real wealth are replicable (you can read about them on my blog: How to Make $7 Million in 7 Years) – naturally, not by everybody, but by anybody with a dream, a desire, a will, and a way. If you supply the first three, I will help light the way …

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Reader Comments

Hello Shannan
I wish you the best of luck in this quest!

God bless You

What a great opportunity, Shannon! I’m so proud of you! You definitely represent the best of Active 20-30. 🙂


You go, girl! I have no doubt that you can achieve anything you set your sights on.

If anyone can achieve this goal in 7 years, it’s you Shannan! Good luck.

Congrat’s on getting this far!!! I hope you get chosen because you are one of the most deserving people of this type of opportunity in the world. Good Luck!!!!

You are a creative gal–no doubt if it can be done, it will be by you! Best of luck.

You are an advocate for under privileged children. I know that if you’re chosen, you’ll use your opportunity to help others. God Bless and good luck-g

I know you are capable of accomplishing whatever you wish to!

Good luck! You have the energy and motivation to make it happen-

Go Shannan…we really could use a millionaire in this family. When you get rich, remember your Grandma.

@ Bobbie – I thought that I saw everything when I switched on the news last night and saw the clip about the Granny who took a spin in an open-wheel race car … now, a granny who blogs?! You go, Girl! 🙂

You guys are all wonderful. I always appreciate your support! Thanks.

good luck send me 700

Hey, I read your comment on And I just wanted to mentioned that perhaps paying minimum on the lowest interest bearing cards and paying more on the higher ones but also paying yourself first is a good way to go about it.

Go Shanny go!

@AJC You gotta watch yourself with that Grandma, she’s the coolest one you’ll find.

Wooo wooo good luck!

Thanks for the advice Tony. That’s exactly the strategy I’m using now.

Shannan, you are a great representative for both Active 20 30 and the whole of the USA.
I wish you all the best of luck.

Shannan, it’s really cool that you are giving back to your community through volunteering. I hope you make it into the 7m7y program and become successful!

I know you can !
I know you can !
I know you can !

In 2015 Let’s agree on an exotic vacation place and share our millions !!!!!

Shannan, I started like you, except later, and I am a millionaire. My best advice is to make a game of saving. I used to have fun spending money–I used my entire paycheck every month. When one of my checks bounced for a church contribution and the pastor discussed it with me (!!!) I changed my ways out of humiliation. I started to see how much I could save, and which new ways I could come up with to save, each month. It doesn’t take long, and you’ll wonder why you lived any other way. Best of luck to you!

Wow, what a cool idea?

Can I suggest you look at [link removed] to kind of help kickstart your economic challenge?

All the best to you!

Prosperous and abundant regards,


good luck!

good luck shannan!