Meet Andrew!

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Meet Andrew!

First off my name is Andrew and I am a third year business student at UC Berkeley.

While at school I have co-founded my own web startup and worked in both the buy and sell sides of the financial services industry. I have many entrepreneurial goals and ideas ranging from websites and web services to real estate and financial investment companies.

I wake up early each morning in the pursuit of these goals and firmly believe that entrepreneurship is the path that will lead to my goal of retirement at age 30 (6.5 million in 9 years).


What is 7 Millionaires … In Training! all About?!

Recently, I sent out a Casting Call (you still have time to apply!) for what I call my “Grand Experiment” … a real¬†attempt to create 7 Millionaires in just 7 Years!

My desire is to ‘prove’ that my methods for real wealth are replicable (you can read about them on my blog: How to Make $7 Million in 7 Years) – naturally, not by everybody, but by anybody with a dream, a desire, a will, and a way. If you supply the first three, I will help light the way …

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