Meet Deanna!

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First LIVE show aired last night … thanks to all of those who joined us (!) … a few technical glitches … the host wasn’t exactly Jay Leno [I don’t have as many cars as jay, either] … some great question and fantastic chatting. Same time next week, all?

Now, let’s meet today’s featured Applicant


Meet Deanna!

I just had to share with you some of the e-mail from Deanna’s application, one of the more entertaining ones that I received (not that entertaining me is important to this project … but, at least I get to enjoy it!):

Hi there, here’s my application, I want to be one of your SEVEN lucky people.

And hey, on December SEVENTH, 19SEVENTY-SEVEN – I turned SEVEN! doesn’t that tell you something? And on December SEVENTH, 198SEVEN I turned SEVENteen and on December SEVENTH 199SEVEN I turned twenty-SEVEN and last year, on December SEVENTH, 200SEVEN, I turned thirty-SEVEN!


I wrote back and told her that she was Applicant Number 777 😉 But she didn’t let that faze her … so here is more from Deanna …

The year I was 16 was a big year for me. I dropped out of highschool got pregnant, and got married (in that order).

Within two years of that, I had had a baby, a divorce, was homeless and found myself living off of welfare to provide for my child.

Flash forward 20 years, and now I have an education, 3 more kids (whom I homeschool), run my own business and earn a family income of $100K+…yet we still live paycheck to paycheck.

We paid off $30k in debt a while ago, and then another $15k recently and …..

[AJC: any ideas on where Deanna will – or should – go next, financially speaking?]

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By the way, I hate this picture of me 🙂 – I am the photographer in the family, so there are NO pictures of me. I had my 8yo daughter take this – I wish I knew enough photoshop to make my face look thinner 🙂