When One Door Closes…

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When One Door Closes…

…find another one (or climb through the window).

In the last two weeks, my life turned upside down, sideways and diagonal!  The highlight was being selected as one of the 7 Millionaires in Training, of course – some things happened and turned out just fine, while some of the other stuff has changed my life plan considerably.

  • My 2 year old required a triple-punch surgery: tonsils and adnoids removed and tubes placed in his ears.  The doctor also checked his voice box and throat for any unusual growth or problems.  All in all he recovered rather quickly and should be on the road to finally hearing well enough to learn to talk.
  • I moved twice in a two week period.  Packing, unpacking, packing, unpacking! Once from the house I shared with my husband and into my parents home for a temporary stay while my new place was being prepared; and a second time from my parents home into my new home with the children (and without the husband).
  • Both children started new schools, requiring a lot of running around and paperwork hassles.
  • I’ve been without internet for the entire time- with the exception of borrowing my parents computer to check email and try to keep up to date with my clients so as not to lose them; and right now while I’m “borrowing” a wireless signal from somewhere near by.  The cable company had no available install dates until Monday the 8th.

So anyway, this is a glimpse of my last two weeks.  Pretty much everything in my world has been changed in a short period of time.  I believe everything happens for a reason.  I believe this has all taken place because it had to in order to fulfill my new life’s plan – perhaps if everything had stayed where it was, there would be no way to create and live the new plan?

Next time you feel like your world’s being turned upside down, sideways and diagonal, you might try to think about it as becoming the new foundation for something new and better that must be coming your way…

Adrian and 7 Millionaires in Training is all part of this new plan for me… my new road I’m traveling on.  Part One of this path for me is to eliminate most of the excessive debt I have (a combination of college loans, a new vehicle loan that I really had little choice in taking on, and some new credit card debt obtained when moving into my new place – needed a refrigerator and washing machine…. and a dishwasher, because if I’m spending all my time washing dishes I certainly won’t get very far towards achieving my new plan, right?!)

(image from http://www.santamargaritasolutions.com)

While I’m loving that I’m one of the 7 selected for this experiment, I also love that anyone with the desire could follow along as we go and find their own path… when one door closes, just find another one to open (or if all the doors seem to be presenting road blocks, just go through the window).

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Reader Comments

Great message and reminder Debbie. I truly believe that if you are “On Purpose”, everything that happens is for the reason to help you get to your purpose. Whether we “PERCEIVE” something as good, bad or whatever is only OUR perception and nothing more than an illusion. In the rearview mirror, we always look back and see that challenge as something that happened perfectly and got us exactly to the better place that we are now, or taught us the valuable lesson that helped us out now. This is no different than the pain of lifting weights to develop a stronger body, or doing a painful run to develop a better cardiovascular system or leaner body. It’s the same principle in place, just in a different area of life but the next result is growth, improvement and development.

I know from my own experience that anything great that I have accomplished came that “one step beyond the failure or breaking point”. Never did things just come nice and easy and cushy, so now, when things start getting harder, more challenging, more chaotic, you see me with a big smile on my face and a feeling of gratitude, because I know what’s coming next! Keep up the good work Debbie, good things are around the corner!

Debbie there sure is a lot of truth to what you’ve said thanks for reminding us. Daily I pray for many people by name, be assured that you and the other members of the 7m7y experiment are on that list.
By the way my son and I have started another blog and it just so happened that yesterday his post was on “Bumps in the Road” http://www.fatherandsonmastermind.wordpress.com go check out his words of wisdom for all of us.

@ Debbie – Great to see you – and the rest if the 7MITs – up and running … you have been through a lot of personal change lately, so proceed at your speed. This is your life, we’re just here to cheer (and guide) you along!

@ Debbie – Thanks for sharing. As a father myself, I can only imagine the stress and pain you must have gone through with your son’s situation. Like Lee, I will be praying for your family as well.

@ Scott – Great advice! I’m sure AJC can attest to the fact that problems don’t just go away once you are financially free!

@Debbie – Hope all goes well. We’ll be rooting for you.

@Scott – Very well said. I do see challenges as opportunities to learn something and be better.

@Lee – Thanks for the prayers! We can’t do this with our own strength alone.

@ Ryan – Problems? What problems … when you have money life is just perfect … I wish! 😛

@ Mark – I think you can (do it with strength alone) … that’s why I chose you … but a little praying can’t hurt, either 🙂

What a great way to look at things. I often wonder why things happen in my life as they do. After reading your post, I realize perhaps I should just go with the flow as it may be part of a bigger plan. Thanks for the insight Debbie and best of luck!

@ Debbie – Great to hear from you finally – you certainly are going thru a lot, and I agree about many changes happening at once can be a good thing.

@ Scott – Today, I felt like I was at that breaking point and ready to write my resignation. Tonight, i am going to put numbers to paper and write a draft letter of resignation, just to see what it says to me. I may or may not turn it in tomorrow. Your comment that “anything great that I have accomplished came that “one step beyond the failure or breaking point”” really hit home.

@ All – you know that’s the letter of resignation for a J.O.B., right? (not to be confused with any other)

Debbie- I read your post this morning and had to go to work with tears streaming down my cheeks. I am more proud of you than you can ever begin to imagine. The decisions you’ve made have been very difficult for you, I know, but I feel you have made the right choices.
Now go out there and make a million dollars!!

hey partner – you know how proud I am of you…of us…for always finding a way to come out through the other side. I am most of all proud of you for sticking to your guns and to read your positive thoughts, despite the negative mojo that’s been hanging around. You deserve all the wonderful things people here have said and good luck with this newest venture! And to all of the other 7 – HUGE congrats on succeeding! Best wishes for a less bumpy path!