Making Money 101?

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Making Money 101?


Of course, what we’ve been doing over the last few weeks is quietly reviewing the ‘financial picture’ for each of our 7MITs … I hope that you have taken the opportunity to do the same?

Perhaps your financial picture overlaps in part with one or more of the 7 Millionaires … In Training! and you have some comments / advice of your own? This would be a great place to let us know what you think!?

Equally, it’s a great place to share your own questions / issues / concerns … after all, this is a forum for all 🙂

I’m particularly interested to hear:

1. What, if anything you will change in relation to your current financial situation?

2. How / when you intend to go about it?

3. What results you are hoping to achieve?

4. What (if anything) you intend to do about your current debt?

BTW: if you are planning to increase/decrease your current debt via a debt snowball, avalanche, bazooka, cash cascade, all, none, or I don’t know … this would be a GREAT place to discuss it.

5. What questions that you may have (if any), in relation to how you are (or should be) handling:

a) MM101

b) 1. – 5. above

c) any of the comments (mine included) to the 7MITs’ last post

I have asked the 7MITs to respond to these same questions … but, why don’t you take the lead?

That should just about wrap up our ‘formal’ MM101 discussion – in fact, I want you to finish this current stage of planning your own Journey To Millions having a reasonably clear idea of what is ‘wrong’ with your current financial picture (if anything) and what you need to do about it – so make the most of it … ask the questions that you need to ask 🙂

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Reader Comments

@ Adrian.. I haven’t heard from Diane in awhile have we lost her?

@Diane if you’re still out there we sure do miss you.

Thanks Lee – just inundated with lots of things. Sounds like a cliche and involves the familiar items: computer, family, children, spring break, hang gliding, taxes, job search, zumba classes, and a garage sale (this weekend coming up).

My computer has a weird problem: the mouse jumps around at will. I’m on a borrowed computer which doesn’t have my short-cuts nor my files on it. It also is not always available when I am.

My oldest son (DS#1) and I spent a week together after he basically wasn’t speaking to me for the past 2 years and part of what we did involved hang-gliding. I wrote an eHow article on that and finally published it yesterday. Don’t think you can’t do it – there was even an 83-year-old who did tandem hang-gliding in an article I found on one of the hang-gliding schools’ websites (listed in references on my article).

I filed an extension on my taxes for the first time in my life. Still need to finish those and hope that my guess that I won’t owe is correct or that it is very close. Hard to know for sure when all the information is not entered.

Been job searching for the traditional job locally, and also have set up a zumba class at my gym which should be a blast. Since I love it so much, and the economy sucks, I’ve decided to make it free (the gym agreed – and it’s open to the public not gym members only) and zumba divas can give donations of they like (some people will feel better about this, and if someone can’t pay, then they are still welcome to come and that’s a good thing. I’ve been there; I know what it’s like not to be able to afford your classes.)

I owe Adrian a couple of posts and will do the last one first. I won’t finish the other one until taxes are completed.

Thanks for the note!

I completed the Find your Growth Engine exercise, here and if you don’t mind… I need some feedback/ideas on what type of results you see from the exercise. Thanks!

Looking for potential business ideas. 🙂

@ Money Funk – Really pleased to see that you have tried the exercise and that it has clarified some things for you; I have read and commented on your post (as “Adrian J”) …