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Well, as I mentioned before, we actually lifted off before we reached the launch pad …. ooops 🙁

But, in personal finance – thus, this ‘grand experiment’ – we’ll actually be doing a lot of back-tracking even as we move forward at great (I hope!) speed …

… in fact, some horses have jumped right out of the gate so fast, we’ve had to gently coax them into slowing down, just a tad 😉

Horses and rocket ships? Now there’s a broken analogy, but it’s all in a good cause, because:

As promised, we are now moving into MM201

For at least a few of the 7 Millionaires … In Training! the past few months has seen a confirmation that their MM101 strategies are sound (but, I don’t know any who shouldn’t have made at least a slight shift in their thinking?), but for others, change is required.

I’m retired at 49 [AJC: and, I intend to stay at this age for my ‘blogging persona’, much like a perpetually 10 y.o. Bart Simpson] … if I had this advice in front of me when I started out (probably in my mid- to late-20’s would have been the right-frame-of-mind time for me), I would be retired before 35 and be living my Life’s Purpose already …

…. it really is just a 7 year project IMHO, give or take a little 🙂

Some of the keys that we have learned already are to:

1. Set a solid base (bankroll management, respect for money, delayed gratification) without going over the top (it’s just not necessary to live totally ‘frugally’)

2. Have a very clear understanding of the ‘why’ (your Life’s Purpose), the ‘what’ (your Number), and the ‘when’ (your Date)

3. Select the right ‘how’ i.e the MM201 ‘tool/s’ that are most appropriate for YOU to get YOU there

… the ‘who’ is pretty straightforward: it’s only YOU who can make this happen!

This is a great time to sit back and really reassess your NEED to reach your Number by your Date … if the back of your head doesn’t tingle whenever you think of it, you’re probably wasting your time even trying.

Now, assuming you DO have the burning desire to get ahead, the real ‘riches’ of this experiment are still in front of you: everything up to now has been on 1. and 2., and – while we will review these two areas every so often – the gates on 3. are about to open!

So ….

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… I’m sure that you can do a MUCH better job than me!

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