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This unique Guided Learning Experience is about wealth … real wealth.

But, what does that mean? We’ll be working on that together … very soon.

Steve, FL (USA)
Wow , this is amazing. I always kinda knew that you must somehow create multiple streams of income if you’re going to move forward to wherever it is you wish to be (financially) in life. I think this is one of the most exciting things I will ever be involved in.

First, let me ask you a question:

Exactly, how rich is ‘rich’?

It might surprise you to learn that there is no universally accepted answer to this question … but, in our first lesson (called a Key Learning Experience, because they are mostly interactive), you will have a chance to tell me how much money you are aiming for.

And, I will make a promise, whatever ‘number’ you have in your mind today, be it $1  million, $5 million, or even $50 million:

Within just a couple of weeks from today your Number will change!

In just a couple of days, I will share my own $7 million 7 years journey, but I didn’t always have that Number ($7 million) in mind … in fact, until I began that 7 year journey, I didn’t have any number in mind … no wonder I was still $30k in debt.

But, more on that later.

For today, let me explain why there is no universally-accepted Number:

Recently, a US-based research consultancy asked its wealthy clients how much money they thought people needed in order to be considered ‘rich’.

The problem is that they asked people who were already Rich!

So, most wealthy people said $5 million net worth, but some said as much as $25 million.

This large variation was related to how wealthy the person being asked the question was … the more they have, the more they spend, so the more they believe it takes to be ‘rich’.

Only one in five said $1 million, which is what many people just starting on the road to wealth believe means ‘rich’ … when you get to $1M tell me if you are ready to retire (I’m quite certain that the answer will be NO!).

I think the ‘number’ is somewhere between $100 million and $1 billion …

… as one Billionaire said recently, after his company stocks grew five-fold in less than 12 months moving him from $1 Billion to $5 Billion net worth: “once you get past the first Billion the rest doesn’t matter.

By my own standards, ‘only’ having made $7 million in 7 years (starting in 1998 being $30k in debt), I am not at all rich.

But, I am wealthy!

I am wealthy because I can afford to live my ideal lifestyle – the lifestyle that I am living now – for the rest of my life … without needing to work!

Now, we aren’t slouches (nice house in a great suburb, the ‘right’ cars, schools, vacations, etc.) but we have no helicopters or Lear Jets … but, we aren’t rich, and I have calculated that my desired lifestyle, while lavish doesn’t require me to be $100 million to $1 billion ‘rich’.

And, I am pretty sure, neither will yours.

So, to determine when you are ‘rich’  – or, at least wealthy – you first need to determine your Number:

Your Number is the amount of money that you need to have ‘in the bank’ (actually in Passive Investments : bank accounts, investment properties, stock market … anything that makes YOU money even while you are asleep) to produce enough income for you to live your current (or desired) lifestyle for the rest of your life (which means, the amount has to be indexed for inflation).

I’ll show you how to find your Number in this first module of the $7 Million 7 Year Wealth System. And, in the remaining modules, I’ll show you how to get there … and, stay there!

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