KLE 4: Wax On, Wax Off

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A note on using the Guided Learning Center:

If you’ve found this page then, chances are you’ve found your way around the Guided Learning Center! As the name implies, that page guides you through your Learning Experience:

The $7 Million 7 Years Wealth System is divided into Modules (4 main Course Modules and a number of Bonus Modules); each Module consists of a number of Key Learning Experiences (KLE’s), or lessons.

As new KLE’s are released, their designation (e.g. KLE1) becomes hyperlinked and you should go ahead and click on it to access your course material. Naturally, you should work you way through these in order!

KLE’s are generally released at the rate of 1 per day to 1 per week, with 2 or 3 a week being the ‘norm’. Therefore, you should check the Guided Learning Center daily – or, every other day at the outside.

Many of the KLE’s include tasks and/or forms to be completed; this Guided Learning Experience is more akin to college than high school so nobody is checking to make sure that you have completed your homework and pay attention in class!

Therefore, you should try and keep pace as you chances of succeeding with your financial goals could be in direct proportion to the effort that you put in – the $7 Million 7 Years Wealth System included.

Now …

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That’s it for now …

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Reader Comments

Interesting! I join couple of finance seminar around my area so I can learn more about investments.

I heard a marketer mention this the other day, and I now see it here. I guess this is telling something. I better do the wax on wax off.

@ Zimbo523 – Yep, and there is a REAL ‘wax on, wax off’ coming up; let’s see if you (or any of our other members): 1. Recognize it for what it is, and 2. Do it! Based, on my experiences with past members, I’m betting no 🙁

Let roll!

This is what I have been missing most my life. I have been approached by different people in different aspects in my life about my potential to be great. This post opened my mind of why I feel I have never reached my potential. I refused to wax on wax off. I always wanted to skip as many steps as possible to get to the next level, whatever that meant at the time. My natural talent would carry me most of the way and then crash. I would be missing the foundation needed to improve. So time after time, I get about 80% of the way and fizzle. Its time to stop and smell the roses and wax on, wax off!