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The first stage of the $7 Million 7 Years Wealth System is complete!

If you are one of the lucky ones who has managed to breeze through these, first, Key Learning Experiences then you will now have a very clear destination for your life …

… and, where your Life goes, so must your finances: at least the Number that you will aim for!

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Task 1: I’d like to hear your thoughts about your Guided Learning Experience – what’s worked for you (so far) and what hasn’t:

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What is your first name and what state are you from? (eg John, AUS)
Did you manage to complete all the tasks? (Yes/No)
If not, why not?
What have your learned from this Guided Learning Experience, so far?
Which KLE's worked for you (and why)?
Which KLE's have NOT worked for you (and why)?

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