KLE 14 – Your Big Ticket Items

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We’ve reached a major milestone, so let’s celebrate: let’s go shopping!

This is The $7 Million 7 Year Wealth System, so the question is:

How do you go from finding your Life’s Purpose to calculating the amount of wealth (i.e. Your Number) required to fulfill it?

The starting point is to identify your ‘big ticket items’:

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This is one of the few times in this course that I will actually encourage you to ‘go shopping’ – even if it is only mentally, for now – so, make the most of it!

Task 1: Review your original DO WANTS list (before you pared it down to the essential emotional things that you really need) as well as your answers to the “This is all the ‘fun stuff’ that I bought or did (eg cars, houses, vacations, bodybuilding, talk show circuit, etc.):” task, and complete the form with your DO WANTS that are of a more physical nature e.g. things that you want; places that you want to visit; things that you want to do.

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Your Big Ticket Items List

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