Checkpoint 2

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The second stage of the $7 Million 7 Years Wealth System is complete!

If you completed all of the exercises in each Key Learning Experience – using the case studies to guide you – by now, you should have quantified the value of Your Life’s Purpose i.e. Found Your Number and Your Date … that was the whole (financial) point of the exercise!

As an added bonus, you get to ‘keep’ whatever emotional/spiritual insights that you may have gained (as I gained) from undertaking such deep, and important, introspection …

But, we can now quantify the benefit of doing this exercise for those who haven’t already undertaken it:

You see, I asked you all a before/after set of questions:

1. On the first application that you made to join this ‘grand experiment’ I asked each applicant a simple question:

How much money do you want to make and when do you want to make it by (e.g. $2million; 10 years)?

2. The most recent series of KLE’s posted on this site culminated in actually recalculating your Number (and Date).

So, now the value of this first part of your Guided Learning Experience can be seen by comparing your before/after … for example, here are the very first 15 people who joined me on this part of our journey together:

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Task 1: Take a look at your before/after Number and Date; have they changed? If so, by how much? And, why?

Task 2: Take a look at the work that you have undertaken since the last Checkpoint:

What Has Worked? What Has Not Worked?

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What is your first name and what state are you from? (eg John, AUS)
How much did your Number change by (%)?
How many years did your Date change by (# years longer/shorter)?
Did you manage to complete all the tasks? (Yes/No)
If not, why not?
What have you learned from this Guided Learning Experience, since Checkpoint 1?
Which KLE's (since Checkpoint 1) worked for you (and why)?
Which KLE's (since Checkpoint 1) have NOT worked for you (and why)?

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