KLE 21 – Earn, Spend, Ability, Do

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Before we move on to Module 2: Making Money 101 (how to get your finances under control), I want to share a simple technique that I developed to help you find your passion. Many people are somewhat frustrated by life, simply because they have not yet found their passion.

Don’t let this be you!

On the other hand, you may already know what your passion is, but do the exercise that I’m about to share with you, anyway; it’s simple, fun, and I guarantee that it will be enlightening!

[Also, you’ll need to refer back to this KLE during Module 3]

First, I suggest that you go back and review the questions that you asked yourself in KLE 7 to help you fire up your creativity when you first started looking at Your Life’s Purpose; in case you want to rethink them (or you can’t find your notes) here are those 10 Questions again:

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Name and State (eg John, FL)
How do you EARN an income (list current and past occupations)?
What do you (or would like to) SPEND your money on?
What special (and/or not so special) ABILITIES do you have?
What do you (and/or would like to) DO with your time?
These appear under all 4 Earn, Spend, Ability, Do columns:
These appear under 3 Earn, Spend, Ability, Do columns:
These appear under 2 Earn, Spend, Ability, Do columns:
Can you combine any of the answers in your 4,3, and/or 2 columns?

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Reader Comments

I learned that I’m headed directly on my path and passion. The key for me is just massive action and follow through. This was a fun ex.

@ Zimbo523 – the key for “massive action and follow through” is to have massive passion to constantly drive you, and your Earn Spend Ability Do all points to your overriding passion, so that should give you a great head start! In the very next KLE, I will show you a simple way to constantly feed your passion …