KLE 22 – Firing Up Your Passion

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Maybe you don’t call it a ‘passion’ … maybe it’s just something that you have an affinity for, talent in, or just have spent a lot of time and/or money on.

It doesn’t matter, because from here on in, we will just refer to it as Your Passion, regardless!

If you have a passion, you should nurture it, or else it will die. Fortunately, I have the ideal way to work on your passion i.e. to learn more about it, to spend time thinking about it, and to share it with others.

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Task 1:

Find a free blogging platform – there are plenty of these e.g. WordPress.com – and, start a blog on your chosen topic (i.e. Your Passion). Try and find a unique ‘angle’, as that’s a great way to attract a core audience.

WARNING: Be sure to review the site’s Terms of Service; there are many topics that you cannot write about. If in doubt, you may want to sign up for a hosted service (but, this WILL cost money). I moved from wordpress.com (free) to wordpress.org (hosted) for that reason.

Task 2:

Write your first post … good luck as a new blogger!

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Reader Comments

I’d like all to read this (my first blog post, and give your impressions. thanks.

Is this your passion? Go back and check your what you came up with in KLE 21: Earn, Spend, Ability, Do (you said: “This might combine Travel,Writing,and Photography all in 1.”) and see if this blog fits that profile …

If so, will you be able to maintain this blog for, say, a year with daily posts?

going to create a personal blog now (Improve the current one to reflect more of my passion.)

Also need to consistantly do this blog. I’ve not posted to it in months. I make excuses and life gets in the way… Ha a bunch of excuses is all it is.

@ Zimbo523 – I think one key for you is consistency: if you can make it a goal to develop this blog and post AT LEAST 2 to 3 times a week on something business/success.marketing-related you will find in 6 months that you have taken a step-jump forward … that will coincide nicely with your progress through this guided learning experience … if you learn to pace yourself 😉

The links to my sites

My personal site where I’ll be bloggin about my life.
I’m gonna buy a random person a meal a week and video tape the whole thing. Thats the tab Giving on the site – I’m going to document my financial life and much more.


and my passion which is how I built a 6 figure business with only $160.00 and no credit

Here — – –


You have to update these sites REGULARLY.

Hint: since you like to work in bursts, write at least 15 posts ahead of time and have them set to auto-publish, say, 3 times a week.

I already had a blog which is focused on my passion (business & money management) at http://www.smallbizbigdreams.com, but I’ve personally found this topic a bit too vague to write every day considering my lack of experience.