KLE 35: The 11th Question

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If you can ‘pass’ all of the 10 Questions that I provided in the last KLE, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t buy what you want; whether you need it or not is up to you!

But, sometimes we need a little help in sorting the rational wheat from the emotional chaff when deciding a need from a want i.e. if we really need something, even if we can afford to buy it.

Dianne (NY)
I have a dilemma regarding is it a need or a want – I have a house now, student loans, bad debt and need to decrease everything. I have a rescue Old English Sheepdog I’ve had now over a year and a half. Always meant to get a [larger] fence up, even prior to getting him, but had different expenses and no savings to cover them (hence the debt climb) and have put off getting a fence up … I think this is a need, but it is a financial decision as well. It’s not putting food in our mouths, but it is providing shelter and protection for the family dog who is also protection for us (single mom household). Is this a need or a want?

When we get into emotional ‘need v want’ questions, rational decision-making can fall flat on it’s head.

So, I suggest that you give this a try next time you are trying to avoid answering the 10 Questions because you think you really need something that you probably can’t afford:

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