KLE 43: What To Do With Your Spare Change

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By now, you’re saving more money than you ever dreamed possible, so, you should have (or soon will have) plenty of spare change!

And, by doing your Instant Net Worth Makeover (KLE42) – even though there are still a few gaps to plug before this module is through – you’ve probably realized that I’ve been leading you right back to the very beginning of this guided learning experience, where I shared the first Rule of the Rich (KLE3):

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Now, there are plenty of uses that you can put that ‘spare change’ to (e.g. paying down debt, buying a house, investing in a business, stocks, or in real-estate) and we will examine each of these areas in quite some detail as you work your way through this guided learning experience, but you need somewhere to put your cash NOW while you work out what to do next.

So, what should you do with your savings?

We’ll examine the only two viable alternatives in the next two KLE’s.

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Reader Comments

You’ve really got me stumped on this one. Cause I thought all those you mentioned were just about all the Investment vehicles available .

Hint: You will invest in ONE of these ways, but not exactly how you might think, if I told you which 🙂

I have been contemplating what to do with my “spare change” for months now. I can’t wait to hear your ideas!

What ideas do you recommend for using your spare change? ETF, CEF, Bonds, Mutal funds, and etc.

The next KLE will reveal all 😉