Checkpoint 4

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Financially speaking, you have traveled a LONG way, since our journey together began.

By now you have had the opportunity to find purpose in your life (something that 99% of people NEVER find), and you have been able to put an exact Number to it.

More than a Number, you also have had the opportunity to select a date that you finally want to be free of having to work for a living.

Even more than wishing and dreaming, you have also been given the opportunity to create the very financial foundation upon which your future life will stand:

– Whilst most struggle to pay themselves once, you should be paying yourself twice: once inside your retirement plan (to create an effective insurance policy against near-term emergencies and long-term financial disasters) and again outside,

– You should have mastered the critical financial art of delaying gratification, by giving yourself the space to apply rationality to your financial decision-making,

– You have given yourself the choice of three sensible places to ‘park’ your spare cash, while you take a little time out to plan your financial future (the subject of the next Module of this Guided Learning Experience), and

– You have started to take real control over your debts.

If you have achieved all of these things, or have at least taken some concrete steps along the way, then I cannot guarantee that you will become wealthy, but I can guarantee that – even if your plans fail – you will always fall on your feet.

By the time you have finished implementing everything that I have shown you in this Module, you will have achieved something that only a handful of the people that you know (if any) have achieved: you will be virtually financially bullet-proof.

Now, that’s an accomplishment!

But, nothing like what you will accomplish by the time we complete the next Module …

Task 1: Take a look at the work that you have undertaken since the last Checkpoint: What Has Worked? What Has Not Worked?

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What is your first name and what state are you from? (eg John, AUS)
Did you manage to complete all the tasks? (Yes/No)
If not, why not?
What have you learned from this Guided Learning Experience, since the last Checkpoint?
Which KLE's (since the last Checkpoint) worked for you (and why)?
Which KLE's (since the last Checkpoint) have NOT worked for you (and why)?

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