KLE 67: How Fast Do You Need To Grow?

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If you’re still with us, then the chances are that your road to wealth is to be found in accelerating your income; the question is: how fast does your income need to grow?

Well, right now, you have three key data points:

1. You know how much you are starting with (this is your current savings/investments less any current debts)

2. You also know how much this must become (i.e. your Number)

3. And, you know when this needs to happen by (i.e. your Date)

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In the next KLE, I’ll show you what sorts of things you need to do to reach any required compound growth rate, in the meantime …

Task 1: Calculate your Required Annual Compound Growth Rate

Task 2: What do you think that you will need to do to achieve it?

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